3 Bunnies Hops to Save Rabbits

The organization has been saving rabbits with action and information since 2004. It makes stops in Trumbull.

Dusty (the rabbit pictured) did not know it that day, but he would be adopted a day before my interview with the Co-Founder of 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, Mona Reopel, making the number of bunnies rescued to this date to more than 500.

Reopel was working to rescue bunnies for 16 years prior in another group, but left and thought her bunny rescuing days were all but over. But thanks to 3 bunnies, she was wrong. The East Hartford-based group often works in Trumbull and attended the opening of the new wing of .

With Susan Curtis as a co-founder, Reopel found herself starting the 3 Bunnies in what one lawyer friend said was in reverse.

The first thing that Reopel did was link with Petfinder to help the original bunnies find their homes. It was later that they started the website that they have now. 

Reopel was very quick to speak on the surprising fact that is very important to have your bunnies spayed or neutered and not just for the reason that first enters most people's minds.

It is a little known fact that bunnies who do not get spayed or neutered run a very big risk of getting uterine or ovarian cancer. 

Reopel feels that people really need to do their homework before they run out and purchase or adopt a rabbit, and that they are not for little kids.

Reopel has found that little kids will lose interest in a pet in a week, and rabbits have been known to live between 10 to 15 years.  She suggested to be honest with children and tell them that it a big responsibility and that the animal is depending on them.

Reopel went on to say that raising bunnies are more responsibility than a dog or cat and that you must rabbit-proof your home.  Rabbits love to chew on the cords that hang down from appliances so they must be put where the animal can not reach them.

Surprisingly, Reopel mentioned that rabbits can run free in the house and can even be trained to use a litterbox like a cat.

When asked to give a final thought on the subject, Reopel went back to the basics.

"Please, please do not get a rabbit unless you are ready for the responsibility.  If you are ready, and did your research, please adopt...don't buy."

Go to http://3bunnies.org/ for more information.


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