Trumbull's Cub Pack 468 Raises Awareness about Stormwater Pollution

The scouts cleaned up Old Mine Park.

The Webelos of Cub Pack 468 were looking for a project to complete their World Conservation Badge.  The Trumbull Conservation Commission was looking for a community group to help raise awareness about the negative impact of stormwater pollution on local waterways. Both parties got what they were looking for.

With the support of the both the Parks and Public Works Departments, the Middlebrook/Frenchtown Elementary Schools’ Webelos den stenciled 10-stormdrains in the Old Mine Park parking area.  The message was “No Dumping  – Drains to Waterway”. 

The waterway in question is the Pequonnock River.  The river, which runs through the middle of Trumbull, is listed by the Connecticut Deparment of Energy and Environmental Protection as an impaired waterway.  The problem is polluted wet weather run-off that enters the river through stormwater drains. 

Unlike sanitary sewerage, which is treated by a publically owned treatment plant in Bridgeport, stormwater drains to local waterways untreated, carrying pollutants like motor oil, animal excrement, road sand, lawn chemicals, car wash soap and general trash.  These pollutants enter our rivers and streams and are carried to the Long Island Sound.

After a brief talk on stormwater pollution, the Pequonnock River Initiative and the purpose of the nearby Streamside Buffer project, the Webelos began stenciling.

First they swept the area around the catch basins clean, then they placed the stencil, and using environmentally friendly road paint, imprinted the “No Dumping” message. 

Curious trail runners/ walkers looked on and a couple thanked the scouts for their efforts to keep local waterways clean.  After completing the work at 10-drains, the boys crossed the river and headed up into Old Mine Park to enjoy what was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

If you are a member of a community organization looking for an environmental project like the drain stenciling effort, please don’t hesitate to contact the Trumbull Conservation Commission via our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TrumbullConservation.

Mary Ellen Lemay May 09, 2013 at 02:08 PM
Bravo! Thanks to Jim Sullivan for spearheading this . It is so important for us all to learn what these scouts already know: "we all live in a watershed" . Everything that goes into the storm drains goes directly to our waterways, completely unfiltered , and ultimately to the Long Island Sound. Thank you Jim and Scouts for your leadership!
Jim Sullivan May 09, 2013 at 05:32 PM
The credit goes to the scout leadership, which wanted an atypical project for their World Conservation Badge, the Parks & Public Works Directors for their support and don't forget the child labor! ;-)


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