Trumbull Painter Featured in NYC Exhibit of Innovative Artwork

Local artist Monica Monfroi's work will be hanging in the Agora Gallery this summer.

"Laura," by Monica Manfroi. Photo Credit: Agora Gallery
"Laura," by Monica Manfroi. Photo Credit: Agora Gallery
The Agora Gallery, in Cheslea, NYC, will feature the original work of Trumbull artist Monica Manfroi in their exhibit Contemporary Perspectives.

The exhibition begins on May 16 and runs until June 5, with an opening reception on the evening of Thursday May 22, at 6-8 p.m.

“Through a combination of the figurative and abstract, I create images that allow the mind to explore,” Manfroi said.

Freedom and exploration are given life in her images, which create bold, vivid patterns and combine a sharp eye for depicting human figures with the ability to give the textures and colors of the paints a commanding presence of their own. Working in oils and acrylics, the artist is adept at employing the intense shades that acrylics provide in her swirling abstractions. However, she also makes the most of the softer tones that oil paints offer — resulting in subtle skin tones and delicate effects of light and shadow. This combination gives her work a rhythmic vitality that keeps the eye engaged.

Manfroi cites the influence on her work of the vibrant Brazilian culture that surrounded her as she grew up, and the colors and sense of movement in her paintings strongly communicate the impact of this environment.

“My pieces all have a very distinct energy and passion behind them,” she notes. “And they speak to people in ways that other works are unable to.”

See examples of Monfroi’s work and get more information about the exhibit on the Agora Gallery’s website.

Based off a release from Agora Gallery.


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