Trumbullite: Eliminate Bullying

The following is a letter to the editor.

School day memories enter my mind.   The joy of seeing my best friend in homeroom class and the sigh of relief after completing my group science project is in my heart.

However, school days were not always easy.  Our schools’ caring and dedicated Principals and staff members worked hard to ensure a safe environment for students, yet there were still encounters with bullies at times.  A bully created fear, sadness, depression and alienation. A friend told me that she felt “Powerless”.  Instead of playing outdoors after school, some students cried.  Sometimes the bully never apologized or the situation had gotten worse.

The topic of bullying impacts all of us whether or not we are married, single, have children or not. We all know someone who has a child, or we might be a sister, cousin, neighbor, aunt or uncle.   It’s the topic that caring people talk about but it’s time for everyone to get more involved. More youth and peer involvement at schools is essential. Adults should be more cognizant of their own behaviors at home, in public and in the cyber-world as students may mimic adult behavior.

I encourage you to contact the Center for Women and Families of Eastern Fairfield County at 203 334-6154, which is the Community Education and Prevention Department. They have staff, resources and materials available which provides education and prevention of bullying.  The Center can present information to schools or you can stop by the Center for information.

Joanna M. Leone

Joanna Leone September 16, 2013 at 07:54 PM
The purpose of my letter to the editor is simply to let the community know about the Center's role and the materials and resources that are available to Trumbull, Monroe, Easton, Stratford, Fairfield and Bridgeport residents.
Tom Gallo September 16, 2013 at 08:23 PM
Super read Joanna- as a board member of the CWFEFC I applaud you., Only when people in the community take a stand will bullying and bullies that we can begin to put them into the proper place in society- like dirt under our feet. The Center is a Godsend to so many- There is help out there- all one needs to do is seek them out.
Joanna Leone September 17, 2013 at 12:15 AM
Tom Gallo, Thank you for taking the time to read my Letter to the Editor and to comment on it. You are correct. As a member of the community, I can take a stand on issues that are important to me and help to spread the word. It is good to let people know that The Center has the staff, materials and resources to assist in so many ways.


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