Elder Eviction: Not Uncommon

by Laura Snow

More and more seniors are finding themselves in situations similar to Mary Kantorowski, the 98-year old Fairfield resident, who faces possible eviction by her son, as reported in the Connecticut Post on Friday. Like, Mary, they may find themselves having to defend their right to chose where and how they live.

Elder abuse can come in the form of neglect, financial, emotional, and physical mistreatment. National research shows roughly 11% of seniors, ages 60 and older, experience some form of elder abuse each year. As the population ages, this figure is expected to rise. Sadly, 90% of cases involve a relative or other trusted party of a senior.

While Mary’s situation has come to the attention of authorities, so many cases go unnoticed. Elder abuse is preventable. The Center for Elder Abuse Prevention, a community service program of The Jewish Home for the Elderly is a resource available for seniors and families concerned about their wishes and rights being upheld. The Center aims to help older adults live as independently and safely as possible.

The Center for Elder Abuse Prevention encourages all to be aware of the needs of seniors in our community and call for assistance. Advocates at the Center are available to talk confidentially with anyone about their own situation or another older adult by telephone on the Center’s helpline at 203-396-1097.

Laura Snow

The Jewish Home for the Elderly, 

Program Director, the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention1


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