Gas Gauge: Lowest Area Price Back Down to $3.69

Trumbull area prices just went back down, to $3.69. Let's help each other find the least expensive stations around.

After rising from $3.69 to $3.73 , Trumbull gas prices thankfully dropped back down.

That's a trend that's bucking the rest of Connecticut, where the average gallon of regular gasoline held steady at $3.74, according to AAA's "Fuel Gauge Report," with mid-grade at $3.87, premium at $3.98 and diesel at $4.13.

One year ago, a gallon of gas in Connecticut would cost, on average, $2.92, with mid-grade at $3.17, premium at $3.25 and diesel at $3.17.

If you're planning to fill your gas tank up today, we're saving you the search around town with a list of where you can get the cheapest gas. Here's a look, and be sure to give us tips on cheaper gas in the area in the Comments section below:

Vendor Address Price Mobil 950 White Plains Road $3.69 Sunoco 4064 Main Street (Bridgeport) $3.75 Citgo 4031 Main Street (Bridgeport) $3.75 6149 Main Street $3.77 648 White Plains Road $3.79

Information compiled from gasprices.mapquest.com and the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.


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