Indoor Trampoline Park Joins Trumbull's Party

25 Trefoil Drive (Credit: Colonial Realty)
25 Trefoil Drive (Credit: Colonial Realty)
With the renovation of the former Sports Zone complete, another indoor sport is coming to Trumbull: trampolining.

Zero Gravity LLC was recently allowed to bounce into town at 25 Trefoil Drive. It would occupy 32,000 square feet of the large warehouse. It also provides basketball and dodge ball courts for children and teens.

Attorney Ray Rizio, representing owner Steven Rodier, showed photographs of a similar facility and presented memo from Wayne F. Jewell of Trampolines Unlimited Inc.

About 124 people can use the facility at most.

The business would be open Monday through Friday, 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

All the courts will be "fully padded and cushioned." Rizio stressed that "safety is the one priority and that all personnel are well trained in safety procedures and all areas are continually monitored by staff."

He said his client would provide a copy of the company's insurance policy and proof of adherence to the safety standards.

Trumbull EMS Executive Director Joseph Laucella said special safety equipment would be needed because it would be difficult to remove injured people from the trampoline if they needed immobilization for a neck or back injury.

One resident approved of the business while John Callahan of the nearby Woodland Hills Condominiums was concerned about the noise level. 

Rizio agreed to a closed-door policy to alleviate any noise issues.

The commission also set five conditions for approval:

  • A closed door policy, as agreed to by the applicant, shall be established.
  • Proof of a $2 million liability insurance policy for this facility shall be provided to the Town, at the time of its renewal.
  • A one-time, $1,500, expenditure to be provided for the purpose of securing safety equipment, as per the recommendations of the Chief of EMS.
  • Recommendations of the Town Engineer, as contained in his letter dated October 16, 2013, shall be complied with.
  • The Zoning enforcement Officer, or other agent as designated by the Town Planner, shall conduct an annual inspection of the facility to verify that the required safety measures have been met.


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