Personal Trainer Trumbull CT - How You Can Be Held Accountable For Your Fitness Success?

In a recent study, researchers divided people starting a exercise program into two groups. 

Every week, each individual in one group got a phone call asking how their exercise program was coming along, the other group got no calls. 

At the end of 24 weeks, 45% of the individuals who got the phone calls were still exercising compared to just 2% who did not receive calls. 

The results show that weekly accountability increases the likelihood of sticking to your exercise program by 2200%! 

What does this mean to you and your fitness? 

It means that having a coach who can customize a program for your goals, show you how to exercise for maximum efficiency and results, and provide a steady support system and 'accountability' really IS a secret to your success. 

To schedule your complimentary health and fitness consultation, simply pick up the phone and call me at 203-516-8729 or complete the consultation request form here: http://www.personaltrainingalliance.com/free-fitness-consultation

To Your health, Marc


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