Lawsuit Filed in Wake of Colorado Shooting

A man who wasn't injured in the shooting is the first to file a lawsuit.

An uninjured man who attended the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at the Aurora, Colo. movie theater where has filed the first lawsuit related to the tragedy, Reuters reports

According to the report, Torrance Brown is suing Century Theaters, the doctors of suspected killer James Eagen Holmes and Warner Brothers, the film's production studio. 

Brown alleges the movie theater's emergency door did not have an alarm, which allowed Holmes to slip out of it and return with the weapons he used in the attack. He further alleges Holmes' doctors should have foreseen the alleged killer's violent tendencies and that Warner Brothers is responsible for creating violent movies in the past which could have given Holmes destructive ideas.

Though Brown was uninjured, he said his best friend, A.J. Boik, was shot in the chest and is one of the 12 who died. 

Francis July 26, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Torrance Brown is - in my opinion- an opportunistic jerk who is trying to capitalize on other people's suffering. Why doesn't he go on to sue Holmes' mother for giving birth to him, and all the schools that taught him? In fact, since Torrance Brown is suing people for NOT doing the impossible, he may as well sue himself for being too stupid to realize something like this could happen at a midnight movie and that he should have stayed home!


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