6 Trumbull Homes Fetch More than $400K

Homes sales in Trumbull since Aug. 3

The following properties were sold recently, according to the :

  • 222 Teller Road (Short Sale), Francisco Francisco and Erika Rolz to John Cox, $289,000
  • 80 Chatfield Drive, Adriana Perez to Christopher J. Gerstner, $349,000
  • 25 Colonial Drive, Seth H. Weissman to Joshua I. Friedman and Nancy Friedman, $520,000
  • 7 Regency Circle, Unit 3, Barbara A. Mencher and Stephen Mencher to Gary A. Mastronardi and Teresa L. Mastronardi, $510,000
  • 85 Frelma Drive, Robert Recupido and Patricia Recupido to Minimol Biju and Biju K. George, $495,000
  • 8 Century Drive, Stephen McDonough and Maureen McDonough to Angelo A. Sisca and Angeles M. Sisca, $415,000
  • 2183 Huntington Tnpk, Keith E. Klain and Samantha Klain to Shane W. Hyland and Alexandra B. Hyland, $400,000
  • 1998 Huntington Tnpk, Christy A. Reuben to James E. Butler, $440,000
  • 16 Elberta Ave., Andrea L. Hirsch and Nicole B. O'Brien to Roberta A. Sims and Joshua T. Vetere, $290,000


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