Trumbull Resident: 'The Sound of Silence' (or, 'The Concert We Never Heard')

More verses from Trumbull's resident political poet.

            I miss the music we didn't hear,

            the non-concert in Trumbull,

            Now a tradition so dear . . .


            Evidently many residents feel just like me,

            Since the tune sung in town,

            is in a majorly-minor key . . .


            You can hear them arguing,

             up Main St. and down,

             With political apologists,

             making the most jarring sound . . .


             The key to resolving this major dis-chord,

              would be conduct a town survey,

                   -  and do it soon -

              Let the taxpayers of Trumbull,

              choose their own tune . . .


             I'd applaud their choice,

             though it wouldn't be mine . . .

             My taste is more classical

                -  and that works for me -

             A String Quartet from Cleveland,

             Playing Ravel and Claude Debussy . . .


             But I'd cheer for the town,

             Whoever their choice . . .

             Because the concert would be Trumbull's,

             And everyone would have a voice . . .


             So let's give silence a sound,

             and change this key . . .

             To a chorus of voices,

             Singing in total town - harmony.

Doug Sutherland October 13, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Jennifer P. October 13, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Brava!!! Well said!


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