Candidate Mark: Change Sewer Billing

First Selectman Candidate Martha Jankovic-Mark wants to change the sewer billing system, as well as "building bridges" and auditing the Water Pollution Control Authority.

“As first selectman, I would emphasize better management of the problems we’ve faced in the past, especially the north Nichols sewer project. Through better leadership, vision and maturity I would end the unfair practice of determining the sewer use rate based on year round water consumption,” said Jankovic-Mark.

The billing was changed to ensure residents were charged for their actual water usage rather than on an average basis. Sometimes people using less water paid for those using more.

But residents have complained that the plan charges for water that has not run through the sewer system.

Mark said she "looks to develop successful partnerships with the Town Council, the WPCA and town officials in order to provide the residents of Trumbull with fair rates and protection against unfair laws."

Specifically, Mark said she would:

·      "Call for a forensic audit of the entire North Nichols sewer project and the WPCA’s accounts. Any time that a municipal project goes over budget, especially in this case where the overage is expected to be $2.5 million, Trumbull taxpayers deserve to know why and how this happened."

·      "Insist that the WPCA conducts its business in an open and transparent manner."

·      "Build bridges with other local communities and use leadership, vision, and maturity to find solutions for sewer issues going forward by negotiating a fair contract for sewer treatment costs. And will look to find partnerships and common ground with other communities, not adversarial relationships."


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