GOP Candidate: Rick Costantini

The following is a letter to the editor.

Dear Editor,

As my wife and I were discussing purchasing a home this time last year, we kept asking ourselves, “Where is the best place for us to build a life and start a family?”  As we debated the pros and cons of the various towns in Connecticut, we kept coming back to the same place, Trumbull.  While I did not grow up in Trumbull, Trumbull has always been my second home.  That’s why when Tim Herbst asked me to run for Town Council in the 4th District, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. 

After graduating from St. Theresa School, I attended St. Joseph High School where I not only played football and ran track, but also met my wife, Erin.  I decided to run for Town Council because of two words every St. Joe’s graduate knows well: privilege and responsibility.  I have been blessed with many privileges throughout my life; a great family and the opportunity for a quality education.  Those privileges have allowed me to be successful in my career as an attorney and now I feel I have a responsibility to give back.  I want to ensure that the progress that has been achieved over the last four years under the Herbst administration continues so that Trumbull can remain a great community to raise a family. 

I believe it is important that Trumbull continue to make it a priority to keep taxes stable, to provide top tier education to all of its residents and to ensure that we encourage a business friendly environment that promotes growth while maintaining the town’s character and charm.  Significant progress has been made over the last four years, and it is important to remember that on November 5, 2013, the residents of Trumbull have a choice.  We can choose to elect town officials who believe that the best way to move Trumbull forward is to ensure that no family is forced to move because of rising taxes; or feels that the school system is sub-par compared to neighboring communities.  In the alternative, we can choose to go back to the days of an 11% proposed tax increase and under-funded pensions. 

I believe the choice is clear.  That is why I am running for Town Council in the 4th District.  I want to make sure that we continue to move Trumbull in the right direction.  My wife and I chose to make Trumbull our home because we know the great people and potential that exists here.  On November 5, 2013 I ask for your support and for the support of the Herbst Team so that when anyone says “Where is the best place for us to build a life and start a family?” the answer continues to be Trumbull. 


Rick Costantini

Republican Town Council Candidate

District 4


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