GOP Candidates Lay Out Zoning Policy

To the Residents of District 4:

            Much has been made over the course of this campaign about proposed development projects, specifically those located in Trumbull’s 4th District.  While the decisions regarding zoning and development rest with our municipal land use agencies and not the Town Council, we felt it important to express our views, as Republican 4th District Council Candidates, as it relates to zoning and development in Trumbull.

·       The Republican 4th District Candidates support economic development that will enhance Trumbull’s beauty and appeal.  The focus will be on ensuring that proposed projects will not harm Trumbull’s “small town” feel while also increasing the commercial tax base to reduce the tax burden on residential property owners.


·       The Republican 4th District Candidates do not support developments that do not comply with our town’s zoning regulations.  All projects, including those proposed developments for lower Main Street and the former P.J.’s Garden Exchange property, should comply with our zoning regulations to ensure that the charm of Trumbull’s neighborhoods is not jeopardized.


·       While the Republican 4th District Candidates support exploring ways to increase our commercial tax base, so as to reduce the residential tax burden, we do not support doing so at the expense of destroying Trumbull’s wonderful neighborhoods.


·       The Republican 4th District Candidates support a revitalization of Trumbull Center, beginning with the empty space at the former Porricelli’s Food Mart.  Trumbull residents deserve a center with amenities and options for all to enjoy.  Unfortunately, since all of Trumbull Center is privately owned, we as Council members can only try and work with the landlord to convince them to offer competitive rent for possible tenants. 


·       Finally, all zoning and development projects in the Town of Trumbull should comply with a new Plan of Conservation and Development that will provide Trumbull with a roadmap for development that promotes business growth while protecting Trumbull’s look and feel. 

We hope to have your support on November 5, 2013 and look forward to seeing you at the polls!

Republican 4th District Town Council Candidates

Rick Costantini

Joe Pifko

Mark Leclair

Ann Marie Evangelista

Beth Llodra-Gilman

Richard W. White October 31, 2013 at 09:38 PM
If any of these folks are elected, someone should let them know that the Town Council must hold a public hearing on the PoCD and gets to vote to endorse or reject any or all of the PoCD. They make it seem as if the Town Council is completely powerless with regard to zoning in Trumbull and that isn't the case.
Scott Wich October 31, 2013 at 10:19 PM
In addition, the Town Council, not P&Z, has the authority to make decisions concerning the uses of Town-owned properties.
Scott Wich October 31, 2013 at 10:57 PM
Also, while the Town Council members should work to develop positive relationships with privately owned business interests in our town, they can also do much more to promote economic development. For example, earlier this year the Town Council, in conjunction with the Town's Economic and Community Development Director and Commission, approved Trumbull's involvement in the State's C-PACE program. By doing so, the Town Council assisted in helping to create a business-friendly environment in Trumbull by opening up financing options for Town businesses seeking to invest in energy-efficient/clean energy (green) improvements.


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