Meet Douglas Sutherland

Doug Sutherland
Doug Sutherland

My name is Douglas Sutherland. If you live in District 1, I’m your neighbor and I’m running for Town Council.

My wife Theresa and I have lived in Trumbull for 26 years. Our son Kevin enjoyed the benefits of our schools – he graduated from Trumbull High in 2009 and recently from American University in Washington D.C. He has often told us how well his teachers prepared him for life beyond Trumbull. As your Council representative, I will be committed to seeing that all Trumbull’s students will continue to receive these benefits. 

As a Trumbull resident, our family has volunteered actively for many years. I led my son’s Cub Scout Pack for four years at Daniels Farm Elementary School. I continue to participate in Food Bank drives, Tidy Up Trumbull Days and other similar hands on events. I’m an active fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association. And I volunteer with many grassroots causes that seek to improve our health, our environment and governance across the state.

If you elect me, I will seek greater transparency in our town government – too many issues are currently being decided with too little Council debate. I will work to maintain our strong education system and I will help Trumbull get the best possible deal in the current sewage treatment negotiations.  Most importantly, I pledge to work hard to spend our tax dollars wisely. 

I ask for your support for the entire Democratic ticket on November 5th.

Douglas Sutherland, Democrat, District 1


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