Trumbullites Reaching Out for Injured Trumbull Man's Family

A Trumbull man and father of three is paralyzed after injuring his spinal cord in a fall July 24.

The man's children attend Middlebrook School, Trumbull. (Credit: Trumbullps.org)
The man's children attend Middlebrook School, Trumbull. (Credit: Trumbullps.org)
Trumbull resident Jose Morales, a father of three, injured his spinal cord in a July 24 fall and is not expected to walk again, but the community is supporting him.

"Jose is self-employed and the sole financial provider for the family, while his wife, Monica, is a stay-at-home mom. They have three young children, [ages 8, 6 and 2]," according to Facebook. "They have no local family and many of their basic necessities will need to be covered while Jose recovers and undergoes months of rehabilitation."

"We are reaching out to you because this group always comes through for our community. Their needs will be many," it said.

The helpers listed several immediate needs:
  • Gift cards to Stop and Shop, Target, Gas stations, Walmart, American Express, etc.
  • Clothing for the children (fall/winter) - Boy size 9, shoe size 4 or 5; girl size 7, shoe size 2; boy size 3 or 4, shoe size 8 1/2 or 9 
  • Some fun gift cards for the children/caretaker - movies, ice cream, restaurants, museum passes, etc.
  • New unwrapped gifts for the children to attend birthday parties when invited
  • Any monetary donation toward their car payments or rent.
There are four drop locations. Contact Michelle Winick Consolati, Kelly Perry Carling, Janette Henderson Pond, and Beth Eckert at:
  •  janette3245@yahoo.com,
  •  eveckert@yahoo.com,
  •  Michelle Consolati 
Melissa August 06, 2013 at 08:04 AM
The Morales family will definitely be in my prayers, and they certainly need the support of our community. However, I am curious as to who created the "needs" list for donations. Simply because when a serious and debilitating injury and/or disease hits a family, and one is in need of financial help, I find it odd that somebody thought it relevant to add unnecessary "want" or "luxury" items such as "fun gift cards" and "unwrapped presents, so the children can attend friends' birthday parties..." Such requests seem ludicrous. I am sure that person's heart was in the right place, but they apparently do not understand difference between need and want. And this is something we must all teach our children, especially living in a time when luxuries are becoming more difficult to acquire for most.


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