MoveOn.org Political Action Endorses Chris Murphy for Senate

Citing Murphy’s progressive leadership in the House, MoveOn members commit to aggressive grassroots effort to send him to the Senate

In a year when Americans are looking to elect leaders committed to rebuilding the middle class, MoveOn’s members in Connecticut voted overwhelmingly to endorse Chris Murphy. Noting Murphy's proven track record fighting for working families throughout his six years in the U.S. House of Representatives, MoveOn members expressed confidence in his ability to take the fight for the 99% to the Senate.

MoveOn has more than 90,000 members in Connecticut and of those who participated in the endorsement vote, more than 85 percent voted to endorse Murphy.

"By this time, with years in the State Legislature, and 6 years as our Congressman, Chris Murphy is a seasoned legislator,” said Malcolm, a MoveOn member in Sharon. “He possesses high intelligence, a great ability to communicate clearly, and undisputed integrity and honesty. His record is excellent. He is just the person we need as our Senator."  

Max, a MoveOn member in New Milford, agreed, "Chris has been a dedicated progressive voice in the House for 6 years. We need him in the US Senate!"

"I'm thrilled to earn the endorsement of MoveOn and their thousands of grassroots activists all across Connecticut," Murphy said. "We've already fought together for universal health care, pay equity for women, and stronger Buy American laws. Now it's time to take our fight to the U.S. Senate. We know that Linda McMahon is going to vastly outspend us in this campaign, but together we'll prove that her millions are no match for boots on the ground spreading our grassroots message."

“In his time in office, Chris has shown himself to be a true champion for the 99%,” said Daniel Mintz, MoveOn’s National Director of Coordinated Campaigns. “Chris helped pass Connecticut's landmark campaign finance reforms, fought to include a public option in health care reform, and helped pass ethics reform in the U.S. House to reduce corporate influence in Washington. So it’s no surprise that MoveOn members are fired up to send him to the Senate.”

As part of their support for the Murphy's campaign, MoveOn’s thousands of members in Connecticut will help provide the grassroots support—both online and on the ground—needed to propel him to victory.

MoveOn.org Political Action is a political action committee powered by more than 7 million Americans from every state and every congressional district. Since its founding in 1998, MoveOn has raised more than $29 million in small-donor contributions and MoveOn members have volunteered tens of millions of hours for progressive candidates. MoveOn members believe in the power of grassroots action to make our country a more progressive place and elect candidates who will fight to put the American Dream back within reach for all Americans.

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Gerald M. Gaynor August 03, 2012 at 02:47 PM
BDS is alive and well with the Obamarama Cheerleaders. Try something new and honest; defend Obama’s record. This election is going to be a referendum on what Obama has done not what Bush did or how Romney made his money. No amount of diversionary nonsense is going to change the minds of people looking at gas, food, fuel and electricity prices in November. What was a “failure of leadership” under Bush should be considered to be a failure of leadership under Obama. Neither he nor his supporters get to demand a different standard of judgment. One would think that a Harvard trained lawyer would understand that when you “inherit” something you own it. To continue to pretend that every failure is the fault of his predecessor is the height of dishonesty; to believe those claims is the height of idiocy. Those who support his policies are equally blameworthy.
Dino August 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM
If the unstated purpose of invading Iraq was to contain Iran, then I'd say that Iraq worked pretty well, especially since they're constructing bomb materials with the approval of our own White House.
Dino August 03, 2012 at 02:56 PM
I don't understand why Murphy would take pride in being the butt boy for George Soros, but that's what he did when he accepted moveon's endorsement. Maybe he's gambling that the percentage of mindless dependent morons in this country (and this state) has reached the tipping point where most people are too interested in when their next government check comes in than they are in the actual state of their country. And he may indeed be right.
Janis Hardy August 03, 2012 at 05:17 PM
And let us all not forget that Christopher Donovan has also been endorsed by MoveOn.org, along with all the other public employee and other unions.......
Janis Hardy August 26, 2012 at 02:45 PM
For all those interested in political discourse (and the attendant lack of civility that is rampant these days) I just finished reading a new book by Jonathan Haidt, titled "The Righteous Mind, Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion". It was a great read and Haidt proposed some cogent ideas about why liberals and conservatives believe what they do so passionately. For anyone even remotely interested in understanding the bigger picture, as well as understanding the 'other side', this is an eye opener! You can access further reviews at Amazon.com. It's worth checking out....


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