Bevilacqua Blasts Indy Endorsement of Rutigliano

Bevilacqua is vying for T.R. Rowe's former seat.

Independent candidate Louis A Bevilacqua today mocked the endorsement by waterbury based "an Independent Party" who threw its lot in with bar owner David Rutigliano in the race for the 123rd CT House district.

Waterbury, an impoverished city on the northern fringe of Connecticut is most famous for being the current place of employment of former Governor and felon John Rowland, who is their economic development director, Mayor Santopietro, who brough numerous 'adult' establishments to the city before going to prison and child molestor Philip Giordano.

Waterbury, one of the poorest areas in the Northeast with neither any industry or efforts to empower the people is one of the favorite communities of corrupt politicians.  A locally active group of City Council members from Waterbury recently stole the name "Independent Party" forming a political entity of about a hundred people and have endorsed the Republican nominee for the 123rd House district Dave Rutigliano.

Recently, in Waterbury, the Republicans endorsed the Democratic candiadte for Mayor in municipal elections.  "an Independent Party" have also recently endorsed Wrestling maven and North Carolina native Linda McMahon for the US Senate, who also happens to be the Republican nominee this year

"Not sure why Trumbull unaffiliated (Independent) voters outnumber Democrats and Republicans combined, but I would argue that is one of the reasons why the GOP is no longer confident of success on their own in our town.  They need a gimmick such as a false party nomination to trick people into voting for Dave."  said Mr Bevilacqua  "The Trumbull GOP has obviously nominated so many bad candidates who clearly are not doing the work for the people."

"If you want a real republican who knows the ins and outs at the state capitol, someone who will provide independent leadership, vote for Bevilacqua," concluded the candidate.

louis September 14, 2012 at 02:57 AM
I on the other hand, I am running a real campaign for independents. For democrats, Republicans who can think for themselves and people unaffiliated with any party. For people who worry about where we are going as a people, what is happening to our nation. We still believe in that dream that is america, a government made up of us, from our diverse walks of life. You will not see the slick glossy flyers and heck, I don't have many yard signs, but there we are bare bones and everything. You get what you see. But lets take a moment to remember those patriots who walked bare foot without so much as a stitch of cloth to keep them warm, they stood with washington and we are who we are today because of their bravery
louis September 24, 2012 at 02:22 AM
There is no such thing as the Independent party of Connecticut. There is the Independent party of Newtown. There is the Independent party of Waterbury. Independents call themselves that because they are tired of politics as usual, and the constant let down of expectations when the people they vote for join a party caucus and become co-opted by a system that was set up two hundred and thirty five years ago for us.
louis September 24, 2012 at 03:11 AM
Now, we have the second highest mill rate in suburban Fairfield county behind Monroe before the reval (which didn't take into account the -30% assessment which should have occurred since 2008, which is what many industry experts claim happened to home prices in that time). We are now at 30.71, folks. They don't even pick up our trash! Greenwich was at 10 mills, darien at 12 and New Canaan at 13.8. That is disgusting! This means that if you own a home in Trumbull worth $400,000, you will now pay, $12,224. if you lived in Congressman Himes' Cos Cob, the same home value would run you $4000 in taxes....that is called mismanagement. Now lets have a constructive discussion of where to go from here, because this year friends, I am neither a democrat or a republican, I am merely one of you folks...


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