Bevilacqua Blasts Low Income Housing Idea for Trumbull

He opposes a realtor PAC endorsement of his opponent, David Rutigliano.

Taken from a press release:

Republican candidate Bevilacqua today issued this stinging rebuke of one of his opponents who recently garnered an endorsement from a group of volunteer Realtor's which have prioritized the issue of affordable, "low income" housing for Trumbull.  

Mr Bevilacqua, a staunch free market capitalist and constitutionalist said such plans never materialized while he worked as staff for leadership in the Connecticut House of Representatives and he will resist all efforts as such insanity, even if it comes from local Republicans who clearly do not have the experience requisite to hold positions of authority.  He sited his opponents mismanagement of his Board of Finance role, which resulted in higher taxes across the town of Trumbull from Tashua to Nichols.

"We don't need affordable, low income housing in Connecticut,"  said Mr.Bevilacqua  "In Trumbull we need sustained development, accurate property value assessment and low taxes.  Only when Government distinguishes correctly what its role is, can the invisible hand of the marketplace work.  Any efforts by these local politicians to impose statutory restrictions will create inefficiencies and actually drive up both market isolation and inflated prices."

Mr Bevilacqua, a professional public administrator cited the previous housing plan for development and unworkable reactionary urban design for this former farming community, in small town Fairfield County, as one of the main reasons that the community is struggling in 2012.  Avalon Gates, a recent example of the changing face of Trumbull, was constructed in the midst of undeveloped forest land.  Little effort was placed on education needs and traffic studies and the once proposed 'luxury apartment rental complex' has descended into low income housing under the watch of the current Republican leadership.

"I was against the idea of Avalon when this group pushed it through,” said Bevilacqua.  "I will continue to resist all efforts of a planned marketplace; the housing bubble created by that project and the damage to the environmental consistency of this town will not be easy to remedy.  I had no idea that a faction of realtors was apart of the cartel that this democratic controlled legislature will continue to use to ruin small town Connecticut."

Oftentimes when freshmen legislators are sworn in at the Capitol, leadership will ask them for a preference of committee assignments.  Should I be elected to represent the people of Trumbull, one of the committees I would like to serve on is Banking.  There is much that we need to do to ensure the continued favorability of interest rates for borrowers and we must make sure that our local Banks remain the key investment vehicle for those who seek an alternative to highly volatile stock purchases.  We must ensure that these local banks remain profitable during the onslaught from international companies seeking to consolidate our domestic marketplace, especially in the face of Basel III reforms from Geneva.


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