Bevilacqua: Republicans Having Difficulty

"This election exposed serious fissures in the Republican party, not just in Connecticut, but in the entire northeast."

Well, since I have not received a call from the Secretary of State's office, it seems unlikely that I'm getting those special legislator license plates to put on my car.

We were never effective at electoral politics, we are government administrators, we work to keep the country going, in spite of the politicians.  I will say though that this election exposed serious fissures in the Republican party, not just in Connecticut, but in the entire northeast.

First Bloomberg in New York, now Angus King in Maine, Republicans in their former anchor region of the Northeast have found great difficulties gaining election under the Grand Old Party banner.

Not since the 1830's have they been in such a situation.  This must be reflective of the changing political realities in our nation. New people are moving in, from democracies in name alone, and they are not being assimilated into our distinct brand of republicanism.

The movement that started with a group of old federalists and whigs has morphed into a powerless debate club, content with winning in unimportant seats such as the 123rd CT House District.

The Connecticut Republicans are wandering aimlessly in its biggest rut ever, as they control no leadership position, Connecticut Congressional Circles or Constitutional Offices.

What is furthermore astounding is the tired and broken nature of the people.  In my district, unofficial results tell the story.  Of 11,000 voters who have repudiated membership in either party and are unaffiliates, only about 100 have voted for their unaffiliated candidate.

I'm not sure how many democrats voted for me.  What the parties need are competent strategists, not merely to win election, but to preservere and salvage the greater aspects of our democracy and to keep the historic freedoms of western society alive.

TrumbullProgressive November 12, 2012 at 01:32 AM
Louis, I think people are often confused about the nature of unaffiliated voters. Just because a voter registers as unaffiliated does not mean they do not lean toward Democrats or Republicans. Many people just don't want to publicly declare their affiliation. Unaffiliated is also not a party, so it is wrong to say 50% of the town has no representation. In my opinion, it is also incorrect to say that we should appoint unaffiliateds to fill town boards to represent the 50% of unaffiliateds in town is wrong - unaffiliated is not a party.
louis November 12, 2012 at 03:23 AM
You are right. Unaffiliated means they are repudiating both major parties and opting for disorganized politics. As an old democrat, I have to tell you, such a large percentage of voters turning away from the democratic party is a problem. We have watched these trends for some time now. It means significant changes to the democratic system. In this town, last count from last year, I was given a number of 12,000 voters chose to be unaffiliated. 6,000 Republicans and about 5,000 democrats. Now this might seem trivial, but I don't think it is. It is in part reflective of the major parties developing a strategy (often donor based in origin) of turning out their people and limiting their opposition. In essence, representative democracy needs a tricky balance of doing what the people want and also what the nation (or the district, in this sense) needs. Since I don't believe a majority of the unaffiliates came out and voted this year (although they had an unaffiliated candidate for the general assembly, which is one of the reason's why I ran in this fashion, that and to break up the unholy collusion between the Trumbull political clubs) it tells you that they will not be motivated unless they are radicalised in the future. This is a pattern of what happens in most older democracies.


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