Candidate Bevilacqua Asks for GOP Votes

"Trumbull will get the promise of solid leadership in Hartford, and someone with true Republican virtues."

General Assembly Candidate, Louis A Bevilacqua, today issued this invitation to area Republicans to cast their ballot for him, this November 6th, instead of a Rhino like Rutigliano.

Mr Bevilacqua stressed that the challenge for the Republican party is to advance a principled agenda, and to not just vote for someone with minor public experience like Dave Rutigliano, who is the local committee nominee.  Party endorsements are becoming less relevant in an age where crisis to the political structure are increasing, as a result, more people are registering Independent.

By voting for an experienced and independent Republican like Bevilacqua, Trumbull will get the promise of solid leadership in Hartford, and someone with true Republican virtues.

"During his term on the local Board of Finance and such, taxes increased while his business benefited from public connections.  Rutigliano is a Republican of convenience, in name alone."  said Mr Bevilacqua  "He may own a bar in Fairfield, which is great if you want a pint of beer, but its time for our political officials to sober themselves to the problems that lie ahead."

Mr Bevilacqua explained that a great opportunity exists with his election, as his acquaintence with leadership in both parties in the Capitol gives the town the chance to accomplish much good.  He would solidly back some of Thomas Rowe's agenda items, especially his strong catholic commitment to life.  Mr Bevilacqua, an anglican, received much exposure to conservative values from an early age.  His father's family were staunch Republicans, of the old sort, which simply put means helping individuals prosper under their own effort.  Mr Bevilacqua's cousin was a strong Republican member of Trumbull town government in the 70's and 80's, his uncle was an active national Republican based in California.  

Republicans, across the board, need a review of where they are explained the candidate.  He mentioned that they need democratic meetings not just pep rallies. We have to ensure the right candidates are promoted and selected for office, that means a strong state party chair and strong local committees. 

"What has worried me since Gary Franks is when we try to pander to the people, as democrats are often doing, instead of looking for true leadership. Sometimes that is a latino in a latino district, sometimes it is not, but we need a redirection of politics and policy. What do we hope to conserve, how can we work for the people while achieving our philosophies while maintianing our virtues, how do we juxtapose our political rhetoric of helping the elite while not being cruel to the common people." added Bevilacqua  "We have to be a party of principles or we are nothing at all.  One proposal I am considering is the privitisation of DOL functions and solving the inefficiencies of the unemployment compensation and job search markets."  "It would be beneficial if professionals managed such an operation not a broken state government, the people would benefit and the DOL employees would probably see a salary increase."


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