Candidate Bevilacqua: Trumbull Doesn't Need a Garage

Bevilacqua is running for the state representative seat for Trumbull.

What a waste!  When I began to read the latest scheme coming forth from our local political leadership, I wasn't surprised. The disorganized, unfocused parlor game that has become public policy has made not only our area the laughing stock of Connecticut, it has reinforced with the public the idea that politicians have no interest other than to make their cronies wealthy.  The planned train station on Barnum Avenue in Bridgeport's abandoned wasteland of the East Side, a five minutes drive from Downtown's Intermodal Transit Center is the most shocking proposal I have heard in years.  Not only will it undermine a struggling Main Street, giving that train depot greater competition (by the way Bridgeport station was only reconstructed in the 1970's) but it will expend political capital and resources.

Is the local Congressman doing anything, or is his idea of governance in Fairfield county to throw darts at a board to watch what will stick? You would have to understand the mess within our political structure to get a feel for how government can waste millions of dollars on crazy projects which bear little fruit in a recession.  You must realize that the people of Bridgeport are disengaged from politics and because only 19% of voters turned-out last November, Finch and his crew claim a mandate which will impact the region. Finch has no mandate.

His goal of re-creating county government might be what he is going for, because us voters in the suburbs literally have no power over the trash heap that he manages, but we are not going to fall for that trap.

Myself having been involved in state politics since 1992, I remember outsider Finch and others from the local group of discredited politicos advocating the 'reformation' of the East Side.  Thousands of square feet of abandoned and decaying factory space once was the gear which turned the Arsenal of Democracy.  These buildings are unsafe and can only be torn down. Likewise, extensive housing projects were cleared twenty years ago and remain vacant fields.  You do not construct a new train station in these midsts until you have concrete plans for development.  Plans which the mediocre planning staff must first identify as solid opportunities from real capitalists.  Because they can never seem to tell the difference between real and pie in the sky, get-rich-quick schemes, the place remains a wasteland.  The former anchor of the neighborhood was Housatonic Community College, which they moved downtown to replace another vacant property.

Besides this never ending justification for re-election, the local power base does nothing but this shell game.  Its like having an employee that keeps assembling the same car, just to tear it down and rebuild it.  Bridgeport and Trumbull cannot afford the money at this point!  We are not a lego set for incompetent public officials to experiment with.

Trumbull, which has been 'offered' a 500 space parking garage on Park Avenue north of Sacred Heart University, was once a beautiful place of forests and to raise a family it was once a simple and liveable small town.  They have done their best to ruin it.  Taxes continue to rise and you wonder how easily Finch, a former Trumbull resident and now Bridgeport stooge must have fit in, once he relocated near Mr Beardsley's park.  We don't need a garage, Ed Lavernoich.  We don't need a dubious profit scheme which will never result in revenue generation for us.  What we need is leadership, we need you to send the women's clinic back to Fairfield Avenue and we demand our summer concert!  We will gain nothing from it and we will waste increasingly limited available land for a favor to friends (who steal our land) instead of revenue generating sources.  We will also bear the burden of police patrols.

So if this new train depot, tar pit in the middle of nowhere will not bring commercial activity in, and trust me Trumbull you folks are paying it, one way or the other, and it will negatively impact an already complex and busy northeast rail artery, causing increased delays for Amtrak and regional service along the important New York to Boston line.  It will divide the train passengers along two groups those who will use the East Side and those who get to utilize downtown as their transit hubs, why this insanity?

One possible reason is that this new group of inexperienced insiders, drunk on personal connections is simply deciding, on a whim, to use their new-found power.  They are all friends people.  Bridgeport was a suburb of Trumbull, now we are their pet. Its a small world. In short they don't know what the hell they're doing, but heck they dress up and get to act important and they think that is what government service is about.  That could be part of it, but I think the civil service is really directing some of this and I'll tell you why.  


As part of the redevelopment of the intermodal transit system, and the closure of the hulking mass that is now the old bus terminal, a compromise ensured that there was adequate parking nearby.  This was supplemented with the parking garage and fields near the Arena and Ballpark.  Parking was initially free, and it was fantastic being merely a block or two from the train station.  Now this convenient location, the entertainment complex, the new burgeoning restaurants and parking was starting to attract wealthy suburban professionals to the area, and they began to spur commerce while they used public transportation.  Then the current administration, flush with its new influence, decided to hike up the rates at the parking center and instead place a Juvenile detention facility alongside the unfinished new bus station, this prison for youthful offenders replaced the convenient parking lot. Suddenly the new downtown arts area more resembled Sing Sing than SoNo. So you can see the priorities of Finch.  The answer is incompetence, mismanagement and reactionary urban design.  The new train station, which was once the location of jersey barriers to prevent drive by shootings has ample parking space...because there is nothing there.  What you have to discern voters is, is this the vision of our future, or are we going to demand more from the people who draw a paycheck from the public treasury and whose power of office is in our name.  Not on my watch, folks.

louis October 07, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Trumbull liberal: I worked for leadership in the House chamber that I will serve in when elected. I have known Bill since I first started in politics in 1992. He was the campaign manager for a man named Dominic Paniccia, who tried unsuccessfully to run for State Senate representing Trumbull. Bill was a true outsider without any knowledge or understanding for how real democratic politics worked. Back then the party had credibility. It was the oldest political organization in the world, having been founded by Jefferson. Finch, basically was a joke. He was the kid that wanted to be cool, but nobody really liked him. So I pledged to help him back then because, well, the democratic party should be open and tolerant. Since then he has found success, but they have taken the easy way out and the party suffers as a result. That is why I disagree with him on many items. I worked a little with the Bpt Democratic party, but honestly, I was merely liaison with them. I mainly worked with state democrats and for state campaigns. I never did run for Council. They had an opening, they asked me to run, I agreed, then they found somebody else, who lost. Not my issue. Politics is not linear and if people shut up and listened more, I could help. I helped Himes get elected in '08 but was only lightly involved apart from my endorsement and some light media but getting a democrat elected in the 4th was a personal project of mine for very complex reasons. I spoke frequently with the DCCC towards that
louis October 07, 2012 at 05:01 AM
I was happy to see the district targetted. I took my picture with him to help him. I was also proud of my accomplishments in the 4th which started back in 96 on the Finch campaign. It was the first competitive race in the district since the special in 87. We garnered 40% in two months. The union thing was a joke. The only way forward is what I'm doing because seriously both groups are drunk with consolidation and the political structure is literally dying. Both sides are putting up incompetent hacks who can neither defend their own interests within the system in an appropriate manner nor the interests of the people. Decisions are being made to benefit some mysterious facade, perhaps abroad, I'm not sure but something has changed. Steve Obsitnik would provide a good balance to the politics. Himes started off well but has faltered. I simply could not endorse the local democrats behaviour any longer. They have low level people in positions of leadership, they mean well, but there is a reason why they haven't been successful. I switched to give the GOP a chance. The choice is simple. You could vote for a republican who is a complete hack, no experience local boys club or you could vote for me. So there really is no excuse. Would you like me to send a memo on what is going to happen to progressives after the next Bush is elected president or Christie, because you people really do need help. But as an old dem....I'll do the best I can.
louis October 07, 2012 at 05:03 AM
But I have noticed that you don't really address anything I wrote...oh and do read them in order by time posting or else they really will not make any sense. I know you are probably a simple fella, but as an old democrat I was taught to give all the people a chance even if they sounded stupid to me or inobjective
TrumbullProgressive October 07, 2012 at 06:10 AM
Louis, you certainly do have a way about you. if someone questions you of disagrees with you, you call them simple. Nice. Just what we need in Hartford - another Republican (or Independent or whatever you are at the moment) that thinks he's got it all figured out. BTW, I thought our representatives were supposed to represent US, not tell the voters to "shut up" and listen more. Okay I'll play your game. I'm listening. Tell me what you stand for - really. Give us some details. Not those platitudes about party structure and taking the easy way out - whatever all that is supposed to mean. Tell us why you are running, what you want to achieve, where you see problems and what your focus will be? Get specific. I'm all ears.
TrumbullProgressive October 09, 2012 at 04:23 AM


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