Candidate Bevilacqua Vows not to Debate

Bevilacqua is running for T.R. Rowe's former seat.

The Bevilacqua for General Assembly has released its campaign schedule and plan fo the next seventy days until the voters cast their ballots on November 6th.  The campaign has decided that he would not debate if offered by either of his opponents.  

He also plans to voter ID as many town residents as possible, and will reach out to as many likely voters as he can between now and election day.  Mr Bevilacqua, running a tradition campaign will rely on his 20 years of steadfast dedicated work on behalf of the people, and will stress his experience as their advocate, although he is a first time candidate, uncorrupted by public office.  Furthermore, he will spend election day at his home, awaiting calls from the media or voters and looks forward to successful election returns as they come in, relaxing at his place of residence to enjoy the moment.

 "First off, neither of my opponents are qualified to run for dog catcher, never mind the state legislature, I will not give them credibility by being seen with them."  said Mr Bevilacqua  "Plus debates are more public entertainment and frequently distract the populace from good candidates.  Look at Nixon in 1960.  If you want a show, go to the circus, if you want a leader, vote for me, I'm in the phonebook, call me with real questions." 

"I'll rely on my family's committment to the people."  They get what they deserve,"  added Bevilacqua

Mr Bevilacqua is determined that this will be his final press release on this matter.  He is available for future comment when the media chooses to write about intelligent stories.

louis September 03, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Well its a little complicated, but I don't attach any labels to myself. I would just say I am a candidate for the people! I was on the debate team in college, I beat Harvard's best team, the head of government was a Rhodes scholar, I had quite a crush, but there you go. When Nixon debated Kennedy you had this new medium called television, the thing about it is, it makes people react differently. They use different senses than they do when reading a story, sometimes the eyes can deceive. You are hiring leaders that will get you through the times ahead. Nothing constructive can come from a debate, the people need to make their minds up on who they are going to vote for using the old ideas of what politicians are supposed to be. Debates are ways to placate the masses Do they respond to you, if not, they probably will not represent you. Plus we are supposed to be hiring people who know what they are doing, not electing our buddies or a popularity contest. Only when you have public officials strong enough to frame their time in office, able to react to threats to us, and who still try to do what you, the people want, will our democracy persevere. This fight, the balance between the people and their government, goes back to the start of things, the origin of politics, but based on how many debates I have been involved in or seen, I will tell you nothing comes from it except great copy for the news media, it strengthens the factions already in power and it ruins good men.
Jim Flynn September 04, 2012 at 11:49 AM
Aaron Do you just publish any crap this guy spouts off? This is the most narcissistic individual I have ever seen. He has no qualifications for elected office. The contempt that he has for the voters of Trumbull and Bridgeport is unprecedented. Enough of this braggart and loudmouth!!
Aaron Leo September 04, 2012 at 11:56 AM
He is a political candidate and as such as has the right to speak, however inflammatory his views may be. I do agree that insulting the constituents is not the way to win votes.
Joan September 04, 2012 at 12:21 PM
He may not be the most diplomatic person in the world, but I don't see what is so inflammatory here, especially compared to so much of what passes for "political debate" these days.
Charley Pitcher September 04, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Although I do n not agree with the constant put-down of every one in his way attitude, the truth is, you will not be able to say you didn’t know what his views are or where he stands on politics. We are so acclimated to listen to professional politicians speak we forgot what its like to hear someone talk from the hip. Over time we all got pre-programed to hear what we want to. So the guy is rough around the edges. You can only measure a man by his actions, not his words. If he wins the election, then we will all see if his bark was worse than his bite.


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