'I Think Their Brains Have Been Stolen By Aliens’

Patch readers comment on the top headlines, with subjects ranging from poor driving skills to political maneuverings.

Police: Naugatuck Man Lied About Being a Cop 

"People can no longer drive or obey traffic signs. I think their brains have been stolen by aliens. Stop signs will be renamed to ‘go if you get there first’ or ‘tap your brakes’ signs. I've been driving for many years and have noticed a real decline in the past few years.” -  

Weston-Redding-Easton:  Late Night Antics: Bad Government in Hartford

It is a legislative procedure which is ugly, no matter the party that deploys it, and both do. All the more reason to elect people from both parties who pledge to end the practice by voting 'no' on any bill not made available before a floor vote. I will.” –

Fairfield Library Cuts Hours of Operation

“Times are tough. Our family, like many others, has had to make adjustments too. That's what you do when times are hard. My husband can paint and clean our gutters on weekends after working 60 hours a week in NYC. We can live without premium cable channels. Grow Up people before you end up speaking Greek!” –

Oxford High Graduates Told to Face Fears

"Live well, work hard and be all you can be. Live life to the fullest and stay true to yourself. Embrace every day and be kind and respectful along your path of life." -

“It's another Board of Ed miracle! They always manage to find money after crying about how cuts will affect them.” -

Monroe: CT Among Worst Pension Deficits in U.S.

“When individuals or corporations engage in such behavior they are treated to criminal prosecutions; when governments do it, it is viewed as ‘Business as Usual.’” –

Milford Patch Poll: Should Illegal Immigrants Who Came Here as Children Face Deportation?

“I find our president very compassionate and it is the right thing to do. The sins of the parents should not be upon the children.” -

"Quelle horreur!! Rampant criminal activity at short beach! I wonder if they also had (shudder) a beer!!" -


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