'In Watching Gingrich, I See Political Brilliance ...'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "In watching Gingrich I see political brilliance, along with a tiny bit of self-reflection not strong enough to control the tendency to refocus the blame on others or to control those he has been close to. The challenge for society is to measure the soundness of any leaders’ behavior. There is no measuring stick to know if we are being [deceived] or if policies and behaviors are sound. It is a legitimate social problem, as social systems are primitive and can easily regress, without responsible leaders. One clue, the more mature look at their part in any problem, and try to define what he or she can do to alter their part without diverting attention by heaping blame on others. Consider how many would have cheered if Gingrich said, 'I take responsibility for my part in this' instead of blaming the media and the wife. [It's] easy to [appeal] to the primitive, to blame others and to say, 'It is not my problem.' All around us people find it expedient to blame the scapegoats: the acting out child, the different one, rather than focus on taking responsibility for our own human tendency to err while justifying not relating well to the troubled ones. When society is lead astray by popularizing blaming others, letting self off the hook and deeply believing we have no part in the problems we see before us, society courts disaster." This is what one reader said in response to an opinion piece by Heather Borden Hervé about the ABC News , claimed that her ex-husband admitted to having an affair and asked for an open marriage.

GREENWICH: "I can't count the times I've had a moral lapse of libidinous judgment." This is another reader's response to .

NEW CANAAN: "When all is said and done, it's most gratifying to hear and feel the still-beating heart of the local citizenry — even, and especially, in these trying times. Hopefully, it won't take a devastatingly destructive fire to continue to bring the community together." This is one reader's response to a video interview with First Selectman Rob Mallozzi about the  since their home burned down.

RIDGEFIELD: "This story, in my opinion, highlights a major difference between Ridgefield Public Schools and top notch private schools. St. Luke's embraces the idea of academic competition. I think the goods schools recognize that competition motivates the students in the classrooms just like it motivates students on the soccer field. In RPS though, we get the soccer field part right, but we shun the idea that students will be compared academically. In fact, we seem to go out of our way to turn off classroom competition. The competitive aspect of Ridgefield's 'egg drop' is dropped. What's more, the school's summer reading contests are canceled. And in First In Math, educators are against singling out a 'Player Of The Day.' I think these are missed opportunities to get the most out of students. I wish someone could explain it to me — how competition on the soccer field is good, but competition in the classroom is not." This is one reader's response to an announcement describing


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