Senior Supports Herbst

by Marilyn Mitchell

I am writing this letter in support of our First Selectman, Tim Herbst. As a 43-year resident of Trumbull, I’ve seen them come and go and I am very happy with Tim as our First Selectman. Tim is a capable, level- headed leader who has the experience and leadership qualities needed on our First Selectman. Tim always acts with the sincere interests of the town and he really cares about Trumbull. As a leader, he is detailed and thorough and he represents all residents from seniors to children. I have really enjoyed his brown bag lunch sessions and his open door policy for all residents. I will be voting for Tim and his team on Nov. 8.

Marilyn Mitchell

Mark E Smith October 28, 2011 at 08:09 PM
Mrs. Katske, Can you tell us if the rumor is true that if MaryBeth Thornton wins in November, that you will become the new Chief of Staff replacing Dan Nelson? I ask this because one long time, elected Trumbull Democrat told me that not too long ago and I would like to know if that is correct? Plese don't attack the questioner because I am just trying to find out if their information is true. Thanks, Mark
Mark E Smith October 28, 2011 at 08:23 PM
Yes Tom. We spent $2000 on lawyers fees to run around an answer Ms. Thornton's two frivolous FOIa requests. It right on the front page of their bill too with "Thornton" in brackes. I am surprised, as a HR Lawyer you are telling me that you would hire a Medical Illustrator on your Management team in your Autoparts company? Really Tom? I think the odds are that you would hire a lawywer first before a Medical Illustrator like Ms. Thornton.
Mark E Smith October 28, 2011 at 08:25 PM
OK, Gotta go. This was fun and all but I have to go and have a great weekend. I know some of you will be waiting with baded breath to attack someone on here, however that someone will not be me because I have a real life. Have a great weekend. Mark
Cindy Katske October 28, 2011 at 08:34 PM
ILT, I have seen three Republican candidates post letters on Patch: Jane Deyoe, Suzanne Testani, and Paul Lavoie. Other candidates from both parties were profiled by a Patch reporter/contributor and were not submitted by the candidates themselves. So it does not appear to be a premeditated pattern by the Republicans to post their profiles on Patch either, since 3 out of how many, a couple dozen maybe, Republican candidates have done so. I don't see how you can equate that to some sort of failure of the Democrats not to have posted profiles here. Aren't the majority of Republican candidates similarly "depriving us of that interaction?" I think you are really reaching here for a way to criticize the Democrats.
I Love Trumbull October 28, 2011 at 08:41 PM
Cindy, I'm not kidding. We agree! Every candidate should post their letters and profiles on the Patch. Shame on those that have not!
Cindy Katske October 28, 2011 at 09:12 PM
Mark, I would be quite flattered and honored if Mary Beth would consider me for the position of Chief of Staff, but I did not know that was her plan, if indeed it is.
Cindy Katske October 28, 2011 at 09:18 PM
ILT, one more thing, I did not say or imply that there was premeditation in the Democrats' not posting profiles on Patch. I have no idea what means they have decided to use or not to use, and I can think of no reason for it to be part of some premeditated plan. Honestly, I don't know where you are coming up with this stuff!
Cindy Katske October 28, 2011 at 10:10 PM
Thanks for that clarification.
Tom Kelly October 28, 2011 at 10:29 PM
Mark Smith, your comments are some of the most disgusting and repugnant that I've seen, and I'm very disappointed in you. To talk about someone's experience as a medical illustrator and use that as a dimunitive and disrespectful reference is disrespectful and classless. It's also an affront to all women, in my opinion. Just two years ago, we said that criticisms of Mr. Herbst's age were inappropriate--he was 29 at the time. When he was criticized because he lived at home with his parents, we said that was wrong to do. When he was criticized for never leading a household or paying a property tax bill on a house, we said it was beyond the pale. When he was criticized for being unmarried and not having life experience in that regard, we said it was WAY OVER THE LINE. When they said he had only 2 years of working experience, we said that that it didn't matter. AND WE WERE RIGHT. Those things were not the most important aspects of the last election, but rather ideas and stances on the issues. Now here you are doing much worse. I must remind you that the President most Republicans call the greatest in memory was Ronald Reagan. He was President of the United States and was a radio disc jockey and Hollywood actor before he was elected. He was also President of the actor's UNION before the Tea Partier's like CT Pati started using that as a sword. Many of the Tea Partiers who have just been elected to Congress have less experience and education than Mrs. Thornton.
Tom Kelly October 28, 2011 at 10:36 PM
Rand Paul is an eye doctor. Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota after being a professional wrestler. Linda McMahon is running for U.S. Senate again after running a wrestling business. Check out the background of many of those Republicans elected in 2010 and you will find they have LESS relevant experience than Mary Beth Thornton. She is raising her family in Trumbull. She's volunteered in the Rotary Club, the Nichols Improvement Association, the ACE Foundation, and many Trumbull-centric civic organizations. She's a well-educated woman who has lead a diverse life, including four years in a nation where women are treated as subordinate individuals with few rights. She has a rich life experience and has given so much of herself to Trumbull. You may disagree with her on the issues and it's fair game to do so, but your condescending remarks are repugnant and everytime I see them, I will be here to let you know that you owe her a greater measure of respect and you are embarrassing yourself and your party by your continued personal attacks on this fine woman.
Bill Holden October 28, 2011 at 11:08 PM
You couldn't be more redundant if you tried. "To talk about someone's experience as a medical illustrator and use that as a dimunitive and disrespectful reference is disrespectful and classless." It's not like you stated a point and later in your message stated it in a different way. You stated that a "disrespectful reference is disrespectful." Wow, pick a word, "a (word of your choice) reference is ([same] word of your choice)."
tchatter October 29, 2011 at 12:10 AM
Poor, Mr. Smith, wassamatta, nobody buying the self righteous, hypocritical, steaming pile of dung you fling here every day? You probably need some rest as it must take a lot of energy between outsourcing all those jobs to India and ignoring how shameful and disrespectful your posts are.........while your at it this weekend, look into some anger management classes or therapy so you can understand why you're sooooooooooo mad. Good luck with that!
Bill Holden October 29, 2011 at 12:21 AM
tchatter, you and your husband should follow your own advice reagrding anger management. Both your comments on Tchat are tiresome and now you choose to infest Patch also. What's the matter, did you and your handful of like-minded people finally realise that nobody (other than those who want to play with you) are paying attention to you on Tchat?
Jim Flynn October 29, 2011 at 01:11 AM
Mr. Holden, why did you feel the need to return to Patch this evening after being away for months. Maybe you have discovered that it is a widely read chat board despite your hypocritical statements to the contrary.
Tom Kelly October 29, 2011 at 01:23 AM
Bill, I forgot to say that Mr. Reagan also never served in the military...so we have an ex-Democrat, Union President, Hollywood actor, with no military service and divorced and remarried man...and unlikely hero for the arch-conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers...but yet he is. And I think he was a great President, too. That said, I am not one way in my opinions. Those who continue to call the First Selectman "Timmy" or continue to make fun of Mark in disrespectful tones for abruptly resigning from the Board of Finance are also to blame and should stop doing it. Mark was a town volunteer and a 4 year member of the U.S. Marine Corps and Mr. Herbst is the First Selectman. Please, let us address one another with respect and talk about issues. The issues are far too important to let the discussions devolve into the political gutter. Those who speak about Mark and Tim or the Republicans in mocking or disrespectful terms cannot complain when the same type of thing is done to their candidate. Thank you.
Patty Sheehan October 29, 2011 at 01:54 AM
So you don't think that a Medical Illustrator qualifies to be Manager of a large organization. But a young attorney is qualified? You don't think she understands the economic climate because of her standard of living. But a young man who lived with his parents up until recently did? You don't believe that she understands the workings of town government because she wants to hire consultants for solutions. But getting a legal opinon for every move is OK? Please do list some of the ideas and solutions that FS Herbst has come up with. I'd be interested to see why you think FS Herbst is the better person for the job.
Tom Kelly October 29, 2011 at 01:56 AM
And for those citizens who are interested in the truth and not political smear, it should be noted that Mark's demeaning comments about a Medical Illustrator are totally misplaced. While in Saudi Arabia, Mary Beth headed up a multi-million dollar department with over 50 employees reporting to her, which produced illustrations, slides, public relations materials, and much more. I assure you that there are not many women holding a position of that stature in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I am not even sure if women are allowed to drive. It takes a lot of courage to even take on such a role in a foreign land like that. And of course, Mary Beth has excelled at a responsibility that is far more important than being an elected official--she is a great mom, and she has an outstanding family. Regardless of the outcome of this election, that fact will remain the same on November 9.
Bill Holden October 29, 2011 at 02:26 AM
RE: Ronald Reagan's military service. Stateside service during World War II (1942–1945); Army Reserve (1937–1942) See also: List of United States Presidents by military rank and Ronald Reagan for more information on military service. Without looking it up, I believe Ronald Reagan was deemed unqualified for overseas/combat duty due to hearing loss in his right ear. But he did volunter fo4r the reserves at least four years before the US entered the war and served during the war years in the role the government felt was most appropriate. He ran for and became president on the Screen Actors Guild (Union) because of the left wing Communist move to take over Hollywood. He left the Democrat Party when he felt his former Party had left him and his beliefs and traditional values. Great Q & A on Rush today (paraphrased)--"Rush; what is the difference between a Communist and today's Democrat Party? A Caller; the Communists seccured their borders and supported their military." Of course securring their borders meant nobody was allowed out.
J Strouse October 29, 2011 at 02:39 AM
Tom, Speaking of Ronald Reagan, I was in Grand Central tonight waiting for my train, and I picked up a book about many notes Reagan had taken and/or produced. One of the quotes couldn't be more relevant. The quote was: "The government's view of the economy can be summed up in a few short phrases, if it moves, tax it." Trumbull voters: if you're working hard and doing your best to make it in today's world, the last thing you want is to see more and more taxes at your doorstep. But that's exactly what you'll find with Thornton as our FS. She may tell us that her negative mailers are all about the facts.... but when pressed on some of the statements here. .. even her most outspoken supporters are silent. Worried? I am too.
Bill Holden October 29, 2011 at 02:42 AM
Jim Flynn, I have never left Patch. I did stop posting on Tchat, if that's what you mean because o the infantile posts of the dozen or so people who dominate that rum. Got tired of posting something informative and getting attacked by these idiots from six dirrerent directions. Don't have time for their uninformed balogna or those who fancy themselves as great debaters, while often saying in so many words that they don't know what they're talking about. I got tired of the second grade spitting contests. T Kelly's posts are often filled with half-truths and the one I responded to finally tipped me because he was so wrong, again. However, I do read it because of a few posters who take an "in your face" attitude to jam the idiots back.
J Strouse October 29, 2011 at 02:43 AM
I for one don't question Mary Beth's credentials. She is, after all, a Trumbullite. And we've all worked hard to be here. And stay here. And that's why I can't support anyone who believes that the town should be pulling in more money from its taxpayers...or that spending cuts are important in all corners of this great town. Everyone must sacrifice. That is the message of the day... Which is why I'm supporting Tim Herbst.
J Strouse October 29, 2011 at 02:46 AM
Ms. Mitchell, Thanks for your point of view, and thanks for standing by it with your real name. You are a true asset to Trumbull.
Tom Kelly October 29, 2011 at 05:29 AM
Bill, it's funny....I was regularly commended by Tim Herbst and Jack Testani at TRTC meetings for my posts on Trumbull Chat in support of Tim prior to the last election. I guess in your mind, my posting only started to contain half-truths once I started to challenge this administration....but I am the same person and I try very hard to ensure that everything I say is backed up with facts or documentation. I don't always get it perfectly right....I should have been more clear above regarding Reagan and his military service....and said he never was in active combat duty..but I try very hard to do so.
tchatter October 29, 2011 at 11:12 AM
Bill, what you and your "do as I say - not as I do" gang of hypocrites don't know could fill a book and if you don't like my posts then guess what - this is still America, exercise your constitutional right not to read them. The mere fact that you bunch of self righteous narcissists would rather attack me rather than acknowledge Smiths disgusting, demeaning tone proves everything I'm saying about you and "Team Herbst" is true. "Tricky" Tim will obviously say anything he thinks voters want to hear to get re-elected and you, Smith, Strouse, CTPati, and My Cousin Vinnie just keep carrying that water for him. Well the shoes on the other foot now and you guys don't like how it feels............what a bunch of cry babies!
J Strouse October 29, 2011 at 01:01 PM
Tchatter - you're really very mean on here. I hope Patch puts you on their Watch list. Why so angry?
tchatter October 29, 2011 at 01:15 PM
Strouse - Does anything Mark Smith says bother you?
Mark E Smith October 29, 2011 at 01:32 PM
Tom, How is it an affront on women? Not all Medical Illustrators are women and not all women are Medical Illustrators. My comments about the qualifications of a Medical Illustrator being a Town Manager could be said for both men and women. So, please don't even go there with me. Again you are trying to make something out of nothing and wrong again.
Bill Holden October 29, 2011 at 02:37 PM
Horse manuer! Taking your statement about Ronald Reagan in context, it was designed to be a negative comment. And you misreported a statement of fact.
Tom Kelly October 29, 2011 at 02:50 PM
Bill, once again, your partisan blinders are blocking your read on things. Did I just start to speak in half-truths, or just when I stopped supporting this administration, in your mind? As for President Reagan, I have a giant framed picture of him hanging on my wall. I voted for him twice, and I have many books about him and just was thrilled to visit the Ronald Reagan Library in California last year. I can send you the disk of Marcy and me waving from the actual Air Force One that he used, which is now in his Library. I believe he was the greatest President in my lifetime, and we saw the fall of the Iron Curtain during his presidency. Ronald Reagan was NOT like these modern day conservatives and Tea Partier's, though. He was far more moderate, and today he would not be considered a real true conservative. Remember, he raised taxes three times after the initial cut, he didn't go after the EPA, he increased the debt, etc. Regardless, I am a huge fan of Reagan and I always will be. He restored pride in America.
Concerned Parent October 31, 2011 at 12:26 PM
J Strouse, I really liked what you said here: "I for one don't question Mary Beth's credentials. She is, after all, a Trumbullite. And we've all worked hard to be here. And stay here. And that's why I can't support anyone who believes that the town should be pulling in more money from its taxpayers...or that spending cuts are important in all corners of this great town. Everyone must sacrifice. That is the message of the day... Which is why I'm supporting Tim Herbst." Having said that, I don't think that MBT is against compromise and sacrifice. Haven't heard a thing yet from her that implies that. I am not one of the venomous Democrats with animosity towards Mr. Herbst. As I said before, there are several things I feel he has done a good job on. But there are two issues I have had with him: First, he does seem to attack the education budget more than other issues. Second, he does seem to have a very aggressive behavior pattern. I know that tough times call for tough leadership, but he has come across as too bold and brash on too many subjects. Perhaps it is inexperience, or a lack of maturity, and it will improve over time. But I think confident and firm are better than aggressive and brash. Aside frrom those two issues, I think he has done a decent job.


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