'Out of His Doggone Mind'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

"Makes you wonder about the people who choose to defend him....I don't know how you call what he did a 'mistake.'" -

"As a person who was a student at Great Oak this quote still sticks with me today, not because of who said it but because of what it means." -

"Predictable. Nothing like wasting an opportunity for discourse with a politically easy decision & a little paint. I haven't been to the school in years, but I suggest a review of every perosn who is painted on the walls, & then we can move to the library & start collecting books that are detrimental to children." -

"Great project, as they started work again this morning at 6:00 making a tremendous amount of noise, waking up my children! Extremely inconsiderate neighbors! Town government, both past and present, should be ashamed." -

"This kid apparently doesn't realize that this kind of thing will follow him for the rest of his life? He must have been out of his doggone mind!!! What was he thinking? Part of me is mad as hell and another part of me (being a parent) feels tremendously bad for this kid. Obviously, he made a terrible judgement call. Sperm of the moment kind of thing. I hope he get some help!!!!" -

"Now is an excellent time to ponder whether - warrnaty or not - we need a replacement dog and the resulting expense and human cost. From what I have seen in the papers, 90 percent plus of use was for marijuana busts of New Canaan's youth. Now that marijuana possession is a 'ticket' offense, perhaps the dog is better used in another town where it can be used for more practical purposes like fighting real crime. Would we buy a dog to snuff out jay walking ? I think not. Goodbye Zira and have a happy life !" -

"It's not hypocrisy when different branches of the Government have a different interpretation of the constitutional power that permits the passage of a law. I predict that the GOP strategy of requesting our votes so they can overturn Obamacare will backfire." -

"Sounds like mismanagement, again. We can put cameras at a landfill and on the back of school buses but not in a crime ridden neighborhood to offer up more eyes to stop crime and violence while putting a new playground for $250,000 where one could have been repaired for less than $20,000.... poor fiscal management and disgusting priorities!" -

Wolfe July 18, 2012 at 10:12 PM
I would just like to make one statement regarding Joe Paterno and this whole mess with that child molester. Paterno had him removed from the football program after an unsubstantiated allegation was made in 1999. Paterno tried to have him fired, but Penn State's Athletic Director and the University President wouldn't do it. Instead, they allowed this psycho to continue to teach "athletics" and to run his summer camp for little boys on the campus. But Coach Paterno did do the correct thing!!! He reported his suspicions three years BEFORE the first allegation was made to the police in 2001!!!! Paterno tried to get this guy fired in the 1990's. Please, stop pointing fingers at a man who is dead and blaming him for the existence of Sandusky (and sickos like him).


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