'This is Why CT and Our Country are Doomed...'

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.

DANBURY: "The line between 'revitalization' and 'devitalization' is a thin one indeed." wrote this in response to .

DARIEN: "This is why CT and our country are doomed, the politicians just don't get it...." wrote this in response to news that .

NEW CANAAN: "True liberty believes in the individual to live his life as he sees accordingly as long as there no victims." wrote this in response to an opinion piece by "Patch Back" columnist Lisa Bigelow about the views of social conservaties and their overall effect on the Republican Party.

SHELTON: "Why take a leap of faith in a belief in a God and Creator when there is instant gratification to be had from some smartphone app?" expressed his thoughts on

WESTPORT: "I did see a lot of new faces so they must have restructured or revamped the place cause their staff was so helpful." wrote this in her review of .


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