Trumbull Development: A Letter in Verse

by Carol Hudak

 A Poetic Editorial on Trumbull's P&Z:


                  "A Sign of the Times"  

             I fear that I shall nevermore see,

             The town of Trumbull

             As it used to be  . . .


             With poor Planning

             And bad Zoning . . .

             Our once fair town will be lucky,

              If it still has a tree.


             (Of course, that would keep

              taxes real low;

              With one tree to maintain,

              parks' employees could be

                          let go! )


              Buildings will grow taller,

              As special interests prevail . . .

              But do us hikers a favor, please,

              Leave us, at least, one small trail??


              Once Tashua could boast,

              Of beauty divine . . .

              Now when they look up,

              They see a 'Home Depot' sign.


               Where, oh where, is our P&Z?

               Approving these projects,

               Which assault you and me?


               It's bad enough, 

               To hear some brag

               'They brought our taxes down' . . . *


               I'm afraid it's far, far worse, my friends;

               They're now making a city -

               Out of our once small, and lovely, town.

Francis May 02, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Carol, you sound like a tree hugging communist! Get rid of your teddy bear and grow up. Unless we really shut down city hall and shovelled our own goddamn streets (just for 1 example) we will always be paying taxes - and looking for ways to get others to pay them for us.


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