Trumbull Parents to BOE: We Need to Be Heard

 Dear Dr. Cialfi, Mrs. Herbst, and members of the Board of Education,

I am writing to you as a concerned parent of a first grader and an incoming kindergartener at Middlebrook Elementary School. 

I attended Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting and was very displeased with the proposed redistricting options.

Not only do I fear that the “band aid” solutions presented in both proposals A and D will do little more than move Frenchtown’s overcrowding issues to Middlebrook, I also fear that our already lower-performing school will suffer due to a lack of support services and personnel to accommodate the increased population.

While at the meeting you personally promised supports and services would be provided for our children, I am hestiant to believe this when there are already close to $700,000 of cuts proposed to the education budget.  How will these additional services be funded?

I also fear that by dramatically increasing Middlebrook’s population, our students will lose the warm community atmosphere Middlebrook now provides.  Why can’t we redistrict in a way that will utilize all available space in all elementary schools across the district?  Why are we focusing only on two schools?

I am requesting a new, district-wide redistricting plan be developed; one that would impact and utilize space in all schools.  The two options presented not only seem to be unfair, but also unrealistic to provide a long-term solution to the problem of overcrowding.

I am also requesting a town hall meeting in which our concerns as parents can be heard and addressed and our questions can be answered.

I truly hope you sincerely consider these significant concerns voiced by the parents of the students you represent.  Our children deserve better.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your prompt response.

Dana Procaccini


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