Trumbull Political Ode: 'A Poem on GOP Gerrymandering'

Trumbull's new districts took effect during the August primary.


                    A Poem on GOP Gerrymandering"




                                  Carol Hudak


                         Gerry is meandering,

                         all throughout the town . . .

                         Looking for his voting place,

                         Up each street and down.


                         "Someone please tell me,

                          where do I vote?"

                          Alas - the secret's hidden -

                          Behind the Town Hall moat.


                          "Shouldn't they send each of us,

                          a special reminder or two?

                          Maybe even 3 or 4 . . .

                          Votings kind-of-an important

                           thing to do."


                          Gerry huffed and he puffed,

                          as he trudged up Churchill Rd. . . .

                          "This really isn't funny,

                           I'm 88 years old!"


                           "Why, oh, why,

                           has my voting booth been changed?

                           It's been in the same place for decades,

                           Why was it suddenly re-arranged?"


                          Gerry mused, as he meandered,

                          about the state of things in town . . .

                          The conclusions he arrived at,

                           made him seriously frown . . .


                          "The GOP Town Council

                            should shoulder all the blame . . .

                            For playing power politics,

                            They're in the Hall of Shame!"


                            And like don Quixote,

                            Gerry's still on a quest . . .

                            To find his gerrymandered voting place,

                            Before his final rest.



                            One could hear Gerry call,

                            As he meandered out of sight . . .

                            "WHERE  DO  I  VOTE???????

                            Tell me, please, before 8pm, on voting night!!"

Joan October 25, 2012 at 01:16 PM
When can we expect voters to be notified of this massive change in voting districts? Are "the deciders" planning to rely on just one small post card between now and the election to inform people of where to vote? What if the post card gets stuck in-between Linda McMahon's many daily campaign mailers, and overlooked? Gerry could be meandering for quite some time!
Thomas Tesoro October 25, 2012 at 08:49 PM
This poem should be mandatory reading on Election Day
Kathleen McGannon October 25, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Or set to music so we can sing while we wait on line!
Sad Dem October 26, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Can one of you call Tom Kelly and have him make a comment on this ridiculous "Letter to the Editor." I just want to make sure we get all of the big four malcontents posting on this thread. Never you mind, he's on here day and night and should probably comment shortly. Night night
Bill Holden October 26, 2012 at 02:09 AM
There was much publicity while the redistricting plan was being considered...you may have even made some comments yourself...I haven't bothered checking. Notifications were sent out before the August primary with almost 100% voter recogizition. Everyone should receive a reverse 911 phone call on 10/29 or 10/30 advising them that post cards are to be sent to every voting household on 10/30. The Town's website has polling place information either thru maps or Elections Administrations, it also links to the STOT site giving polling places for each exact street address. Voting information has been sent to the CT Post, Trumbull Patch and Trumbull Times. And finally, people have been told they can call the Registrars' Office for information. I don't know how this information could be made any clearer or obtainable. If you have any suggestions to do so please contact the Reg. Office at 203-452-5058 or 5059. (Strictly my opinion..haven't spoken with Laurel on this yet.)
Joan October 26, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Oh, so it is the position of the registrar of voters that the burden is on the voters to sort out this radical change in our voting districts? You are assuming that most voters had the time & energy to follow the ins and outs of the politicking that went into the redistricting? You also assume that all voters were eligible to vote in the August primary? It seems to me I keep hearing that Trumbull has a large population of unaffiliated voters. Were they also informed as to the polling places for the primaries, even though they weren't voting in August? Are you also suggesting that all voters have access to the town's website, and can easily navigate their way to the new polling place information? Do you expect the reverse 911 calls to reach all voters? Will the calls be customized for each voting district? Everyone does not subscribe to the Trumbull Times or read Patch. We are now just a little over a week before the election, and I have not received a post card. Perhaps it got lost in all of the junk political (and other) mail that arrives every day. When the town GOP imposes this unnecessarily drastic redistricting, it seems to me that the burden is on the town to inform the voters, not vice versa.
Thomas Tesoro October 26, 2012 at 03:36 PM
I am not sure who the big four malcontents are but, if I am one, then let me say that I am still waiting for any credible reason for the change in voting districts. The alternative 7 District plan would have maintained 7 equal sized districts and would have impacted less than 5,000 voters. By contrast this silly four District plan creates a "super district" , impacts over 18,000 voters and gives absolutely no benefit to the voting public. The old seven district plan worked well for Trumbull, when the voters wanted chage, they made changes. There was strong minority representation no matter which Party was the majority. When the Republicans on the Town Council (except for Mr. Pia) voted in this stinkeroo the smartest ones kept silent, those that spoke, in particular Mr. London (who said the 7 seven district plan was gerrymandered and when asked where he could offer no answer) looked foolish. It is a pathetic way to operate.
Joan October 26, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Oh, there are many more than four malcontents. Not everyone is "content" with mediocrity, to put it nicely.
Jim Flynn October 26, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Mediocrity? I think mendacity is the applicable term here for this Republican power play.
Carol Hudak November 08, 2012 at 10:52 PM
"Gerry fell meandering, all around the town, Looking for his gerrymandered voting place, in the No. Nichols area of town . . . Gerry's now on crutches, since the roads are such a mess . . . He called the Sec. of State, To voice his anger and distress . Seems Gerry never received a postcard, telling of his brand new voting place . . . But what he's telling everyone who will listen is . . . "This GOP re-districting is a total and complete DISGRACE!!!!!" Carol Hudak P.S. I received a call from a senior Tuesday morning who had never received the ONE postcard town hall bothered to send out --- this person was livid. I received my one notice on the Saturday before the election. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Gerry never received a notice, it was no where to be found . . . Now Gerry's complaining to Hartford
Carol Hudak November 08, 2012 at 11:00 PM
I hope seniors, especially, who were displaced and distressed by this gerrymandering, complain to the Secretary of State, in Hartford. Seniors, let your voices be heard! Remember: if the Democrats did it, this administration would call it POLITICS; and they would somehow find a way to blame former FS, Ray Baldwin. (Hey, maybe it's Ray's fault that Romney lost????) But when the Trumbull GOP does it . . . we're supposed to think they have only our best interests at heart. Maybe this fiasco will help Trumbull voters wake up.


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