Trumbull's Bevilacqua Endorses Murphy

Bevilacqua is running for Trumbull state representative.

Independent candidate for the State Legislature, Louis A Bevilacqua, of the 123rd district, today announced his backing of Christopher Murphy for Senator from Connecticut.  Bevilacqua, an influential public official and registered Republican decided to throw his lot in with rising star Murphy on principle.  He cited his long term friendship with the Democrat from Cheshire and borrowed a page from Joe Lieberman, a democrat who endorsed Republican John McCain in 2008.

"I've known Chris Murphy since we were wide-eyed Legislative aides at the State Capitol."  commented Bevilacqua  "Christopher Murphy proves that America is still the incubator of talent.  Here, anything is possible."

Mr Bevilacqua, an Independent Republican recognizes that we must think outside the box in these challenging times that lie ahead.  He believes strongly in finding common purpose when it comes to partisan politics, because only solutions that take into consideration our different political ideologies will work in governing, where consensus building is the hallmark of american democracy.  It is a longstanding tradition for Old Republicans of throwing their lots in with one candidate of the other party, whom they might work with in principle.  He explains the strange logic with a second McMahon candidacy, and says her nomination represents what is wrong with the growing, soul-less influence of money, and personal wealth in modern politics.  Such a political novice would have never received any consideration in the past he said, in these contexts.

"I am surprised that some of my Republicans have jumped on her band-wagon, as the party must be about principle, not who can throw the most of her money at the race."  said Bevilacqua.  "Credibility is not something that one can transfer.  I think of all those aristocratic Republicans of the past excluded from office because their lack of experience was a barrier to political involvement."  "Linda's faction has turned being mediocre into an advantage while corrupting the masses; that requires a special aptitude," concluded Bevilacqua.

Mr Bevilacqua's paternal family have been active in Republican politics for the past 50 years.  A self identified financial conservative, and cultural conservative, he is at odds with Murphy's pro abortion stance, but compliments the Senate candidate on his other areas of faith, adding that the abortion issue is more a rally point for fundraisers, as on the federal level it has been settled law since 1973.

louis September 02, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Politics is not meant to be simple, that is why we elect people to represent us, to navigate the complexities and paradox of a government for the people. I could never endorse Linda McMahon, her increasingly vulgar productions of 'sports entertainment' are symptomatic of the decline of society. Her nomination is symbolic of the challenges facing our political culture and its inability to make effective decisions.
TrumbullProgressive September 02, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Aaron, it really hurts the credibility of Trumbull Patch when we keep seeing these self-serving posts from Mr. Bevilacqua that are written in the third person and sound like they are objective articles from a reporter. These are reminiscent of the former Republican Presidential candidate, Bob Dole, who used to refer to himself in the third person. Who writes a post about themselves, quotes themselves, and calls themselves an "influential public official." What official post does Mr. Bevilacqua hold? When was the last time Mr. Bevilacqua held any public position? What influence does he have? What are his qualifications to run for State Rep.? We are all waiting to hear. All we get are these rambling diatribes from Mr. Bevilacqua. A lot of words that really say nothing. What does he stand for? Is he progressive or conservative? Why does he want to go the Hartford - to do what, for whom? As for abortion being nothing more than "a rally point for fundraisers, as on the federal level it has been settled law since 1973", perhaps someone should tell Mr. Bevilacqua that the 2012 GOP Platform calls for the repeal of Roe v Wade. This is now the party Mr. Bevilacqua has embraced - obviously not so wholeheartedly given his comments about Mrs. McMahon.
Aaron Leo (Editor) September 02, 2012 at 03:57 PM
I forgot to mark it as opinion, but it is a letter, as self-serving as it may be. Thanks for your input.
louis September 02, 2012 at 04:33 PM
As of right now Trumbull Regressive, Roe is settled law and we were against the kind of issues based politics which it represents when the democratic party made it part of the platform in 1973. All issues based politics does is strengthen low level inexperienced people such as your self and divides the people into this group or that. Patch was created to give everyone a voice in the hope that the people still have the capacity to make decisions, that is what democracy is about. I do not ramble..if you are unable to understand what I am saying, then again, you should stay home on election day. This was a press release, and I am an influential public official and should be. I advanced ethic reform in the state, it became law, and I am for government of the people. We know nothing of you sir. The influential post I currently have is the Independent nominee for this office representing Trumbull at the state legislature, I am certain though you rarely request anything from the people you routinely vote for, I would argue that is why my party, the Republican Party nominates candidates such as Dave Rutigliano and Linda McMahon. The most recent job I held in the public eye was two years ago when I helped friends gain election to State Office. I represent over a hundred years of political knowledge as I was well trained in the arts of politics and governance by relatives that were active for that long. I'm saying there is no basis for what you do
louis September 02, 2012 at 04:36 PM
My qualifications for State Representative: I am well educated and knowledgeable on all matters of government and public policy. I was staff at the House of Representatives for leadership. I have taken a principled approach towards politics, I was raised in a political household, I have 20 years of political and administrative experience, I advised public officials, I am a ninth generation United States citizen. Can you claim such expertise?
Sad Dem September 02, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Trumbull Progressive, I tend to disagree with you on various issues, but your previous post was one of the greatest, most accurate and overall wonderful comments I've ever seen on this site. Have a wonderful Holiday. Louie needs to get over himself
louis September 03, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Thanks Vincent.....I'm over myself, now lets get down to brass tax....here are the issues I will work on as your Representative in Hartford: Federal settlement money earmarked to classes of people as direct cash payments, for instance, the johnson and johnson to middle class moms My constituent service office at House Republicans Strengthen constitutional rights, in other words to pass legislation that makes obsolete state stature that undermines the first ten amendments to the constitution, they are there for a reason, we don't know better than the revolutionary generation Banking reform, inline with basel III Quality Education reform making the schools exceptional, greater opportunities for the Ivies but also for people to gain employment straight from HS, a moral virtue class which focuses on teaching our children right from wrong, how to be effcetive citizens in the democracy Constitutionalism Tax reform, greater share of state revenue for Trumbull so we can lower taxes for local homeowners, more ecs monies Privitize unemployment, as if they are private trust funds managed by conservative hedge analysts, direct staffing placement with headhunters...its our money!


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