Trumbull's Bevilacqua Releases his Platform

Louis Bevilacqua wants T.R. Rowe's seat in the 123rd state House of Representatives District.

I will be fighting for our town's fair share.  I'll work to bring more state dollars to Trumbull so that the taxpayer will not carry the revenue burden on their backs.  Its time we tried something new and that is why i'm running.  I'm the type of politician you want, a leader for difficult times.  Native born in Connecticut, my family has lived here for four generations, within three miles of my present address on Washington street.  I remember when Trumbull was still largely farmland.  As times change, we need a leader who will stand up for our families, someone who both parties can work with.  While I will have no power on the local level, I am independent of the political infighting that occurrs here so that I can take public positions that benefit the people.  
I have worked in public administration the majority of my career. I've worked in the Connecticut House of Representatives as leadership staff.  As I know the process, from the inside, I know how it works, legislative procedure is important to understand, and its key to know who the players are.  I can get the job done as your next state representative.
People do not want career candidates, as this is the first time I am running for elected office, I provide a unique opportunity.  Competence without complacency, inside knowledge without the cost of having attained it.
My family has always been democrat, but would I vote lockstep everytime, certainly not, that is not what the people need anymore.  We live in political times where common sense, conservative values and working for the people is more important than party membership.
My religion is episcopalian, and our faith is important to our public life.  I have backed many good democrats in the past, and some republicans from time to time.  I worked for Joe Liebermans 2006 Senate re-election win, I liked Tom Foley in the Governor's race in 2010 and I endorsed a Republican for Mayor of Bridgeport.  When I worked for Chris Dodd on Capitol Hill, I made the acquaitence of many Republicans and moderate Democrats.  Fred Thompson from Tennessee and Warner from Virginia were two people that I would like to hold up as good examples of people who put their district above party, those are some of the folks I would like to emulate.
There are great things about the democrat party.  Our nation was founded on this idea of government for the people, actual representative power and not symbolic power.  Our community is unique.  As I travel around the district, listening to the voters, i will take their ideas with me to Hartford.   Canned political platforms are not what we need as we are unique.  I would like to see better more empowering social service organizations with state funds, not that create dependence but uplift the people who are struggling.  I would also like to advance a more christian centered education curricula, one that teaches fundamental knowledge of western civilization, how to be good democrats in our schools and similar improvements in our state.  I would like reform to ensure second amendment rights for the people, one where they need not join special interest groups to enjoy the rights won in our state constitution.  We were given these rights absolutely as citizens, and to water them down undermines the constitution. I am a big proponent of constitutional government and will advocate strongly in that direction in the general assembly.  I would also like to change the mentality that government is entitled to tell us what to do, that wasn't the original party platform of the democrat party and it isn't what I believe.  Issues will evolve as I speak to the people, but these are my core beliefs.

Louis Bevilacqua

Joe April 22, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Most everyone in town would like to see an end to pointless political bickering. We need people who can work with both sides and represent us well in Hartford with integrity, experience and leadership. Bevilacqua seems to have an abundance of all these qualities. I look forward to hearing more from him.
Jennifer Hochberg April 24, 2012 at 03:13 PM
This is great news to hear! Louis has much to bring to the table up in Hartford with his beliefs, and wealth of experience. Congratulations and best of luck, will be rooting for you, my friend!
vincent April 25, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Mr. Bevilacqua call Trumbull "the laughing stock of Fairfield County" after being ridiculed by a few people on this site not too long ago. I would love for Mr. Leo to verify that for us.


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