Trumbull's Political Poet: 'Good Citizenship'

One Trumbull resident's opinion in verse.

How to Be a Good Town Volunteer,

          as Taught by

 the Stern Village Overhaul







    Carol Hudak


I've wondered as I've wandered,

what would mean the most to me . . .

I immediately decided

   --   public service!  --

would be Most satisfactory.


So I scoured the town web site,

looking for a clue . . .

for what would best serve my talents,

what could I uniquely volunteer

to do . . . .



The opportunity struck me,

like a heavenly bolt of light!

I could volunteer to run the town,

I could valliantly set wrongs right.


Then I looked further,

and was put in a pickle . . .

I could also serve as

chief of police,

and track down every wooden nickel.


I soon saw that my desire,

to serve and help my town,

would pay me tens of thousands,

with a nice new car to drive around . . .


I urge you all to donate,

to your town, in this fine way,

Find a job you'd volunteer to do,

And then  . . . collect the pay.


YooHoo! Town Hall,

I have one more thing to say,

Now that I'm volunteering,

Don't forget . . . my 401-K.

Carol Hudak March 02, 2013 at 08:32 PM
I've wandered,wondered and concluded, that there's more to this Stern Village show . . . And that there must be folks who hold the knowledge, that the rest of us need to know . . . If any of you folks are out there, then why not give it a patriotic go? Grab the whistle . . . take a big breath . . . And just begin to Blow!!!!!!


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