'We Need Innovators Not Bureaucrats'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders.

Paying for College, a Burden That Too Many Must Suffer Through 

“It's good to hear the youth in our country first and foremost take notice -- and then stand up and speak out about issues that mostly assuredly will affect them, including out of control college costs. Being more engaged in the political process that determines your future is ESSENTIAL.” -

Out of Cash, Does this Put Connecticut at Risk for a Downgrade?

“We need innovators not bureaucrats. We need governance that looks to the well being of all citizens not just the unions, consultants and subs that do work for the state or towns.” -

Good Humor Trucks Running Short on Ice Cream

“I blame Bush. This is obviously yet another element of class warfare that is somehow racially-motivated and misogynistic.” -

My Healthcare—and Yours—Hangs in the Balance

“Many people (including me) are facing similar issues. However, the evidence of the tragic failures of government-run health care in places like Canada and the UK make clear that it is not the solution here in America. Instead, we need reform based on the principles of choice, competition, accountability, and personal responsibility.” –

Gas Prices Drop for Another Week

“Fortunately, we can all go elsewhere to buy gas, as for our property taxes, we are stuck.” -

Reader Questions Cutting After School Programs

“How about this... the people that don't want to pay more taxes shouldn't have to... and the ones that do are welcome to pay as much as they wish...” –

louis June 27, 2012 at 09:32 PM
I agree....how many meetings have I had to endure where it would have been more exciting to watch grass grow with these milktoast bureaucrats like Timmy Herbst, Tom Christiano or ed Lavernoich. All self important, these false airs, I mean you cannot breathe in their presence they are so damned boring. These are the guys Reagan was talking about. Real politicians laugh at these inept political drones. The sad thing is, when we need leadership, when a september 11th occurrs, they just stand there looking at each other....grip and grin fellas....grip and grin. Look at Bridgeport, Herbst's, Finch and Ed's recent project. I mean it would make anyone of any interest at all consider a career move. They stand there, they lie to your faces. Small little men like Bill Holden, with no originality making you believe that this is all you can get from government people. Total junk, after a while, even I started to believe them. Lets take our country back people!


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