'Will Never Feel Comfortable Using Public Restrooms Again'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

"Personally, when I watch the Olympics, I see young athletes who have worked their whole life to reach their goal, which goes well beyond gender, race, nationality, or culture. That is what the Olympics is all about." - 

"Would never happen at Taco Bell." -

"What about the owner? Aren’t they responsible for verifying eligibility to work? What happened to having to provide a SSN # for taxes....In all seriousness, I feel bad for the three that are the victims here. Will never feel comfortable using public restrooms again. Some really sick people in the world." -

"Obama Cares. Why would anyone want to repeal that." -

"Jim Greenwood, surely you jest." -

"As Mr. Alegi infers, Mr. Jackson is lying about the incentive package relating to closing a 1.2 million dollar budget gap. Neither Ms. Kozak of the LC or Mr. Jackson is willing to show the math. The Mayor is certainly ot looking after the town or the taxpayer. Betraying the public trust is supposed to be illegal but Hamden is way to corrupt to worry about being held accountable.... Shameful and disgusting!" -

"'Dad, do you have any friends in the New Haven PD? I'm in a bit of a jam'" -


"WOW! This is a surprise! We haven't had a Democrat Governor in this blue state for nearly 20 years. One would think the majority of residents would be happy with him!" -


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