College Students Accused of Breaking Officer's Nose in Halloween Brawl

Unusual investigations from the area.

Authorities responded to a flooded coastal road in Westport during Hurricane Sandy following a driver's unsuccessful attempt to pass through several feet of water in a BMW.


Trumbull Police arrested three people on shoplifting charges in separate incidents. Two tried to walk out wearing clothes they didn't pay for, police said.

Also, a man is accused of stealing a check and trying to cash it, but he fled when a clerk grew suspicious.


In Stamford, three teens were arrested after a victim accused them of attacking and robbing him—and the juveniles were allegedly found to be in possession of the victim's credit cards and cellphone.


A large crowd reportedly 500 strong of allegedly intoxicated Southern Connecticut State University students got upset Halloween night when police arrived to break up the party and started attacking the officer, one of whom ended up with a broken nose. Three students were arrested during the mele.


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