Equipment Bag Urinated On During Turkey Bowl Game in Darien

Darien Police Capt. Fred Komm told the Darien Times that it “doesn’t appear, at this time, that current Darien High School students were involved.”

An equipment bag belonging to the New Canaan High School Rams football team was reportedly stolen and urinated on during the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl in Darien Thursday morning.

Darien Police told the Darien Times that the culprits urinated on a New Canaan player’s property while it was in the team's locker room.

Police Capt. Fred Komm told the Times that it “doesn’t appear, at this time, that current Darien High School students were involved.”

The incident is reportedly under investigation.

The Darien High School Blue Wave football team won the game 36-23, taking home the 2012 Turkey Bowl Trophy for the first time since 2001.

The Rams, who now hold a record of 13-5-1 over The Wave in the Turkey Bowl, and an overall record of 48-34-2, were on a seven game winning streak coming into Thursday's game.

In 2010, five Darien players were removed from the team and suspended from school after they painted graffiti on New Canaan High School property, less than 36 hours before the rival schools were to face each other at the annual Thanksgiving Day game.

Editor's note: This article originally was published on Nov. 24. The time stamp has been changed for layout purposes on the Home page of Darien Patch.

Shredder December 04, 2012 at 02:47 AM
That doesn't even make sense Jacob Smith. Why would patch comments section have anything to do with the reason that kids pee on equipment bags?
jacob smith December 04, 2012 at 02:58 AM
All I am saying is that all the parents who comment on these articles about the events occuring in town, are not involved with these incodents and need to stop gossiping about them. Darien's reputation is led by the parents of the community and these parents are arguing about false information on every patch article. You especially have no information to back up your statements, "I apologize if I've missed something obvious, but has anybody questioned why there was a video camera in the NC locker room? Does NC make up for their lack of waterfront property by watching people pee in their lockerrooms?" This comment in itself shows the lack of knowledge that you have when you are commenting on these articles. Do you really think it is legal for a school to have cameras in the lockerooms?? Also the fact that you did not know the turkey bowl was at darien this year is astonishing. And to Lisa, "One has to ask, how come the locker room was not locked? For that the blame clearly has to go to the athletic department." The locks were taken off the doors of the lockerooms a few years back because kids were smoking pot in the lockerooms and locking the doors so school staff could not come in. It was also the middle of a football game when players need access to the lockeroom for equipment issues, restrooms. The lack of knowledge that some of you adults post on these articles is ridiculous. Do something more productive with your time and save yourself the embarrassment.
Guyton Taylor December 04, 2012 at 03:13 AM
The main point that should be taken from this incident is that there has been a few "bad eggs", some current and some former players, on the Darien Football team in the past few years who have acted in an immature way. The blame should not be put on any of the members of the coaching staff of the Darien Football Program. The urination was done by five current college seniors who are clearly not very mature. These college students have nothing to do with the current Darien football program, regardless if they played on the team in high school. The members of this year's turkey-bowl winning Darien football team are good kids who had nothing to do with this incident. Referring to the incident last year, teenage student athletes drink at underage parties all over Fairfield County every weekend. An unfortunate incident happened to occur in Darien and one Darien Football player was arrested. Darien head football coach Rob Trifone did his job by suspending all football players who were at the party.
Guyton Taylor December 04, 2012 at 03:13 AM
Both Rob Trifone and Lou Marinelli work together every year to attempt to put a stop to this nonsense, but can't always stop these "bad eggs" from doing stupid things. The bottom line is that the Turkey Bowl is supposed to be a time where family and friends from both Darien and New Canaan (two towns that are pretty much exactly the same) can gather together and watch their respective teams play against each other in a competitive, but fun football game. Let's look past the actions of certain immature individuals and embrace the great tradition that Darien and New Canaan share every Thanksgiving, regardless of the score at the end of the game.
Siwanoy February 27, 2013 at 06:03 PM
updates: http://www.darientimes.com/16280/darien-turkey-bowl-vandalism-two-get-probation/


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