Former Trumbull Resident Bitten by Pit Bull Wants It Put Down

The woman was visiting her mother's former home when a relative's dog attacked her, according to the Trumbull Times.

Cecilia Augustine says she didn't get a friendly welcome when she returned to her mother's former home on Waller Road in Trumbull on Feb. 6.

Instead, a relative's pit bull jumped on the 60-year-old woman, scratched her and tore a chunk out of her leg when she walked in, she told the Trumbull Times. Now she has hired an attorney and seeks to have the dog euthanized.

After the incident, she walked, bleeding, to her car and drove herself to a local hospital. She's also undergone several surgeries and says she now takes anxiety medication stemming from the attack, the Times reported.

Trumbull Animal Control Officer Lynn Dellabianca told the Times the dog was quarantined for two weeks but was not observed acting aggressively at the Animal Shelter. But it did need to get its vaccinations, she said.

Dellabianca reportedly said: "Right now, there are no grounds to declare the dog vicious, because, unfortunately, she entered the house and the dog was doing what it thought its job was." She has not received any complaints from neighbors and the dog has been returned to the home, according to the Times.

Dellabianca also called the incident unfortunate, noting that although Augustine had permission to be there, the dogs were acting naturally because they lived there.

Dellabianca has said pit bulls have a bad reputation partly because some people don't train them to behave.

She is passionate about proper training for dogs. She cites a “pit bull overpopulation” in shelters throughout the country, mainly because the breed is misunderstood. 

“Everything is done wrong with them mainly because of the public’s perception of them," Dellabianca said. "Many times they’re taken away from their mothers too young and are raised by owners that don’t train them properly and aren’t responsible."

Julia Brown March 15, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Typical pit nutter behavior! A RELATIVE is mauled by your mutant and you won't put the thing down? These dogs are responsible for more maimings, maulings and death by dog bite each year than all other breeds combined! When will our law makers STAND UP for us by enacting laws that prevent unregulated ownership of these killers?
Ann Yoney March 16, 2012 at 12:21 AM
The dog was simply doing its job. One bite does not constitute a bad dog. It was protecting its environment, that is, doing what it should be doing.
Julia Brown March 16, 2012 at 04:57 AM
One bite may not constitute a bad dog in your OPINION, but the law will dictate what constitutes a DANGEROUS DOG. The thing that is most alarming is that most dog owners would not want to keep a dog that causes this kind of injury to a RELATIVE. Pit bull owners are typically the only dog-type owner that seems to fail to do the 'right' thing.
Kathy List March 24, 2012 at 01:52 AM
You cannot state that any one breed of dog is all dangerous. This dog was protecting it's home, if anything the dog may not have been trained well by it's owner. We who were not present when this accident occured are only guessing at the actual circumstances at the exact moment the bite occured. The animal may have thought the woman was a threat to it's family or the dog itself. Obviously if Animal Control thought the dog was dangerous they would have kept it. It is not a DANGEROUS dog if it was doing it's job, in it's home. For you to add to the already negative perception of the pit bull breed is just as bad as a pit bull owner that does not train or treat their dog in an appropriate manner.


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