Police Say Newtown Man Secretly Taped 'Vast Number' of Women

Police in Salisbury, Mass., say the man's alleged crimes include posing as a medical researcher and videotaping women, including minors, at his Massachusetts beach house.


Details are emerging about a Newtown man who allegedly secretly taped "a vast number" of women, including his underage relatives, over a span of years, according to police in Salisbury, Mass., where the man had a beach house. In addition, the man -- David Anderson, 44, of Lafayette Road -- allegedly operated a false Craiglist ad and handed out flyers designed to lure in additional victims.

In November, Newtown Police arrested Anderson for child pornography when his wife allegedly found folders of "disturbing" images on his computer, and released on a $100,000 surety bond.

Then Salisbury police arrested Anderson in early Monday afternoon, and states other than Connecticut and Massachusetts -- including New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire and Washington -- are investigating Anderson's alleged actions.

"This started in Newtown when his wife found the images, which she soon realized were captured at their house in Salisbury," said Chief Tom Fowler of the Salisbury Police Department. The images allegedly included women who had visited the house over several years. Salisbury police seized two external hard drives, and forensic labs are investing the images, says Fowler.

At the same time, say police, Anderson was active on Craiglist.

"Two things were going on," said Fowler. "He was filming these people in his bathroom. He was also soliciting women for medical 'research,' if you will, performing what he called baseline exams under the ruse he was some type of medical research student. Part of what we discovered were questionnaires [Anderson had allegedly made.]" Fowler said Anderson also allegedly traveled to New York to hand out flyers.

According to CBS News in Boston, Anderson subjected women to "invasive digital probing" and filled his house with medical equipment in an effort to appear legitimate. He would allegedly videotape the encounters, police say.

No details were available on the content of the Craiglist ads, but police confirmed that Anderson allegedly offered to pay women who responded between $25 and $50. Police ask anyone who suspect they may be victims to contact authorities.

"If there's any victims out there that may not have realized they've been victimized, we'd first determine where it took place and then get them in touch with the proper authorities," said Fowler.

[The above arrest information was provided by the Salisbury Police Department and the Newtown Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.]


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Davis Dunavin December 13, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Thanks for calling my attention to it folks - just fixed the article.
James December 13, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Nice retires from Branford police collects I am sure full pension, that us taxpayers pay and then goes and works another PD with another sweet benefit package what a joke the public system we have. Mr. Anderson shame on you, and so much for your wife married til death do us part.
Mike m December 14, 2012 at 12:52 AM
James please if it's so sweet jump into your car go to your local PD and grab an application and you also can get a sweet package deal. But I have a feeling you just have what it takes cause otherwise you would have done it. Couldn't pass the physical agility? Psych test? Background? Which is it? Is it you wanted to spend weekends and holidays with your family? Sleep in bed with your wife?
Sola December 14, 2012 at 02:37 AM
Sounds like sour grapes doesn't it?
YankeePilot December 14, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Mike, I respect what police and firefighters do immensely. That said, I don't know why public servants feel that they should be immune to the pressures of the free market. If those who pay your salaries' pensions can be lost, yours shouldn't be bulletproof. The taxpayers have a right to question the system. And to answer your question, a had a different childhood dream, which through luck and hard work, I fulfilled. I thank you for your service, and wish you luck.


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