Some Trumbull Residents' Alarms Still Unregistered

Trumbull Police continue to remind residents with home alarms to register their systems with police or pay a fine for false alarms and for failing to register.

"To Date, 970 Burglar Alarms have been registered, 149 letters have been sent reporting a violation and 31 residents have responded with payment so far," Deputy Police Chief Michael Harry said recently.  "Letters are sent on a staggered basis relative to when the alarm is received - explaining why not all violations have been addressed by the homeowner yet."

First time false alarms with registered systems can attend class, but those with unregistered systems will be fined immediately for false alarms.

Trumbull Police have said all of the town's false alarms take two officers off the road for a year. Two officers must respond to false alarms, police say.

Failure to register means a penalty of $100 and $50 for every false alarm after that if the system remains unregistered. There are also fines for more than two false alarms in one year.

Police respond to almost 3,000 false alarms a year, Police Chief Thomas Kiely has estimated.

The fines increase for each offense: 
  • Third, fourth, fifth violation .....$100 
  • Sixth, seventh, eighth violation ..... $125
  • Ninth and subsequent violations .....$150
"If cancellation occurs prior to law enforcement arriving at the scene, this is not a false alarm and no fee will be assessed," according to the rule. "Multiple activations within a twenty-four-hour period may be considered as one (1) false alarm for the purpose of charged fees." 
But an alarm user who takes an "alarm awareness class" can have their first fine dismissed. The fines can also be appealed.

The complete Municipal Code can be viewed and/or printed on the Police Department Home Page http://www.trumbull-ct.gov//content/10623/10655/11011/15514.aspx

Under Police Forms and Documents click on False Alarm Abatement Ordinance - Eff. 1-1-13. A registration form can be downloaded on the same web page by clicking on Trumbull Alarm Registration Form.

Registration Forms can also be picked up anytime at the Police Department.

Thomas Tesoro January 16, 2014 at 03:11 PM
There needs to be action on this. The best efforts made by the police have not worked with respect to the residents being informed.


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