Two Suspects Robbed Dunkin Donuts Tuesday Night, Fled on Foot

Employees' cell phones taken along with cash from the register. One man with a ski-mask tried to enter an office safe

A man, whose face was covered with a bandanna, entered the Dunkin Donuts at 695 Main Street a few minutes before 9:48 Tuesday night and announced it was a robbery. Police said he made all of the employees come to the front of the store and demanded their cell phones, taking two.

The employees, who told officers they believed the suspect had a knife, filled a Dunkin Donuts bag with an undisclosed amount of cash from the register and the man fled on foot, heading north on Route 25, police said.

After reviewing surveillance camera footage, detectives found that another man, who was wearing a ski-mask, had entered the store through the back door, walked into the manager's office and unsuccessfully tried to enter the safe.

Newtown police were notified of the fleeing suspects and Monroe's K-9 unit was called in. The police dog led officers to Bradford Green before losing the scent, according to police, who said evidence was found near the entrance of Northbrook Condos.

The suspect who entered the Dunkin Donuts through the front entrance is described as a tall, white male, heavyset, with a bandanna, a jacket and jeans.

Police obtained video surveillance footage and are investigating the robbery.

kma August 22, 2011 at 04:17 PM
Two cell phones and a bag of cash but no donuts. Definitely not a cop. But isn't robbing a Dunkin Donuts kind of like spitting in the wind? You can sure get a lof of cops mad.


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