Bevilacqua: Opponents 'Haven't Done a Thing for the People'

Bevilacqua is running for state representative

The Independent candidate for the Connecticut House of Representatives today explained his reasoning behind his traditional campaign.  Mr Bevilacqua thrust himself into the spotlight by acquiring the nearly one hundred signatures of the people needed in order to circumvent the party nominating process.  This process, increasingly anti-democratic and opposed to the people, has promoted numerous unqualified and ineffective candidates through the years.  Our government, conceived of as a just guarantor of liberty, where the people are in control of their elected representatives, will become a cespool of incompetence if we do not reassert our influence.

"I wouldn't be surprised if my opponents spent thousands of dollars trying to buy your votes, people of Trumbull."  declared Bevilacqua  "They would be completely unknown if they didn't; they haven't done a damned thing for the people."

"You can take any primate and put him in a suit, it doesn't mean he will do the job you need."  added Bevilacqua  "This is our government, we own it!"

Mr Bevilacqua, an experienced public administrator by profession has always taken his commitment to our democratic ideals seriously.  In this age where local control and decision making is being usurped by factionalism and consolidation, he prides himself in his old fashioned virtues.

"I believe that the quaint republic which we once had will be something all of us longs for in the future."  "The simplicity and effectiveness of empowering the citizens is not something we can replace."  added Bevilacqua  "Our voice is presently unheard in Hartford, I'm confident we can change that."

"But all that these high cost campaigns are doing is perverting our mission and confusing the people as to whom they should elect." "Anything looks better with a little glossy sheen to it.  Even a corpse looks better with a little make-up."

Trumbull voters, who pride themselves in their independence will have a real choice this fall.  Independents outnumber democrats and republicans combined, in the historic town named after a friend of George Washington who also was former Governor of Connecticut during the revolutionary war,  Jonathan Trumbull.

louis September 10, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Jim, Generally, truth justice and the american way. As a professional public administrator and spokesman I have always taken our commitment to the people seriously. I have worked as staff for leadership at the State legislature, Director of the City Council Liaison office in Bridgeport and in other positions. I have worked on various political and policy measures.
louis September 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Jim Flynn, I understand. You have to understand that I come from a family that were politically active but not members of the political structure, we were blue collar folks, mainly. If I have insulted you, that is not my intent. What the people need to start to do, and this is asking more than in the past, is to objectively look at candidates and start to pick who you want to serve you. That means someone who has the knowledge and is couragous enough to fight on your behalf in this district. That is the job, we are not supposed to be entertaining you, we are not supposed to be spoon feeding your ego. Time and time again, good candidates are defeated because they do not appeal to some fad, we are trading expertise for whim. So, Jim Flynn, Bevilacqua wants to do the job for you, but if I spend all day responding to what you think I should be doing, I would get nothing done, so either vote for competence, run for office yourself if you think you can do a better job, but i will not cease in trying to bring accountability to this great experiment of american democracy, but keep in mind, you will have to live with the decisions you make
louis September 10, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Elmo loves you Jim Flynn....
MAC September 10, 2012 at 06:15 PM
"Louis" is a has been "political operative" with visions of grandeur about himself--obviously unemployed currently, except in his self-promotion. There would be no attention at all paid to him (except maybe by some sympathetic friends) without his often incomprehensible, or insulting, opinions posted here on Patch. And ooooh--he gathered "nearly one hundred signatures of the people needed in order to circumvent the party nominating process." How impressive is that?! I would not waste the time posting on another one of Bev's feeble attempts at self-promotion, except that it is better than adding to the "whine" discussion, which is even less interesting to me. Folks, vote for DAVE RUTIGLIANO! He is a small businessman who actually "creates" jobs and knows exactly how CT's economy has been ruined by the overwhelmingly DEM dominated ANTI-business legislature!!! David and a few more good conservative Republicans elected to tip the balance in Hartford at the LOB will start repairing the damage done by the over-regulating and over-TAXING DEMS and Malloy! Vote for Dave Rutigliano and the other Republicans, like Chad Ciocci and Tony Hwang!
louis September 10, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Obviously Mac has no idea who I am. Look, Dave is running scared. He thought you folks were going to appoint him, like he was appointed to bus tables at SBC, not sure what his job title is. Either way, the people of Trumbull are tired of the incompetent, corrupt and morally bankrupt republicans that are usually on the ballot. He will be isolated at the LOB, Bridgeport, Trumbull politicians are rarely respected by anyone except of course Cafaro....but that's what you guys have here, garbage taking on a veto proof majority of Democrats. You guys are finito! As they say at Testo's!


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