Bevilacqua: Opposed to 'Sense of Entitlement'

"There is something terribly wrong about the local party nominations."

It should be obvious to us all now that there is something terribly wrong about the local party nominations.  Our local politicians, of little note, still have the power to control, as one might control a fiefdom, their local district candidates and the town slates.

If you looked at it closer, you would see that the corruption, incompetence and lack of service to the people is directly associated with this selection mechanism. They may not have any power beyond that which they have, but they can do damage, and in the end, it is up to the people, to hold the politicians accountable or they will not represent districts, just the cliques and circles they move among.

Whether you privitize all government function, whether you diminsh the role of government in favor of a corporatism, we will still need wise leaders to advance the interests of the state. Perhaps the reason that government itself is so loathed is that these temporary officeholders, without portfolio, have almost a sense of entitlement, regardless of whether they have the qualities necessary to be a public official.

They win by working against us!  A party nomination is something they treat as if it is something to capture or acquire, to manipulate the populace, to fool the elites into accepting what is inevitable, that in a party endorsement comes automatic credibility.

Those days are long gone. A party endorsement is of no greater importance than simply being placed upon the ballot for the people to choose, for the people must choose what is in front of them, not some hypothetical candidate.  We were not the hypothetical government of the people, we actually are the peoples government.

A party endorsement around here, Trumbull or by extension Bridgeport, with its great corruption, may have some significance in the past, but most people are independent now and they realise that a leader isn't who the party bosses tell you to vote for.

Change is coming, with nothing to replace this broken system, for instance in Bridgeport yesterday, with a complete control of the facade that has become municipal government, the machine candidate for state senate lost.  Now the local power brokers will jump on the bandwagon of the victor, and that may fool some, but their lack of building a new generation of ethical leaders has created a desert, a vacuum of ideas.

Jim Lang August 20, 2012 at 01:08 PM
I am going to support the idea behind Mr Bavlacqua's article although I fear my comment may be misunderstood as criticism of our Trumbull Board of Education. It is not! Rather it provides a great example of the poor way our town committees select candidates for the BOE. A major role of the BOE is to oversee.the management of the professionals who operate our schools. While it is reasonable to have some professional educators on the BOE, domination of the BOE by professional educators is obscene. Kind of like asking the fox to guard the hen house. Our town committees keep putting forth the names of professional educators for the BOE. Thy need to be more balanced in their nominations, so we can have a more balanced BOE. Again this is not criticism of BOE members; but rather of those who control nominations.


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