Bridgeport Magnet School Rock Blasting Prompts Questions

Trumbull neighbors don't know who to call to report problems.

Reports of rock blasting at odd hours at the Fairchild Magnet School next to Trumbull have several Trumbull residents wondering to whom they can turn.

After hearing reports of "jackhammering and rock blasting ... occurring at the magnet school site from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. on at least two occasions," Planning and Zoning Commission member Tony Silber reported them to Trumbull Zoning enforcement official Fred Bietsch.

The park is in Bridgeport next to Avalon Gates on Old Town Road, and the copmplaints came from Avalon residents, Silber said.

According to an email from Bietsch to Silber:

"Tony, [I] have reviewed the situation with our Fire Marshall’s office and found that they have discussed this item with the Bpt. Fire Marshall’s office. They will take no action and show little concern about blasting or work hours. Only suggestion is effected party or parties contact the State Fire Marshall’s office. Trumbull has little if any say on this project. Fred."

Calls to the Bridgeport Fire Marshal's Office and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch's office were not returned.

State Fire Marshal Robert J. Ross said his office works with the State Police, who investigate blasting complaints. He later added that issues such as blasting are usually addressed locally.


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The Interdistrict Magnet School will have 1,500 seats, 500 in each magnet. It will serve grades 9-12 and teach biology, Information Technology and Aerospace. Its students will be mostly from Bridgeport, with 30 percent from surrounding communities.

The park is owned by the state but used to be located in Trumbull until the Trumbull/Bridgeport border was redrawn to accommodate the school. Trumbull is working on getting a lease for nearby land off Quarry Road currently used by Bridgeport.

Tony Silber May 17, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Mark, what's with the high-school-bully-name-calling routine? I'd be willing to say it's not the real Mark Smith, because people I respect say you're not really this kind of person. I don't know you well enough to say that. I knew lots of kids like you when I was in high school. They're the ones that want to be accepted by the pack, so they'll lash out aggressively at other people, hoping for acceptance by the in crowd. We all know the true character of those types of people, don't we? At any rate, all I did in this case was react to a report from people at Avalon Gates about blasting in the early morning and evening, and I reported it to the first selectman and the zoning enforcement officer. I also told the media, as they have some power to get the attention of municipal leadership. As an elected representative of the people of Trumbull, it's the least I could do. Would you say I diid the wrong thing? What would you have done?
Mark E Smith May 17, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Tony, "High School Bully Calling"? Really, is that all you have. Now you are making characterizations about people (self admittedly) you don't know or even meet in order to make your argument? Again weak at best and bad leadership. Your strategy which I will now call the "Here-say Strategy" both here on the Path and TrumbullChat is full of Here-say. No actual facts and "I heard from someone that..." arguments. How does that strategy advance anything or any issue in this town? Did you not actually collect facts as a new reporter for the CT Post? Why don't you try it now then? Second, you were NOT ELECTED. Like Tom Kelly on the Board of Ed. you were GIVEN your seat uncontested by party officials. The last election you were in that was contested was for P&Z, when you got CRUSHED by Rich Deeken in 2009 by the largest margin in any contest that year. So, please put your "I am an elected official" attitude back where it came. You will take ANY opportunity to attack Tim Herbst and the Republicans on the smallest of issues. When they were blasting on Madison avenue a few years ago in the early morning for sewers no one called Ray Baldwin or wrote letters to the media, we could have but what would that have solved? Again, you and the Trumbull Democrats will try to make anything into a political issue even when their isn't one. This strategy too will fail.
Mark E Smith May 17, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Anthony, Where on your site is the "I voted for your latest Income Tax Increase, the first in the nation that forced you to pay retro-actively"? If Jobs and the economy are what you are fighting for then why the Tax Increase? How is that helping local businesses here in CT.? It obviously didn't work with the recent decrease in state Revenue. So, what gives? Secondly, I noticed that you stand for no Issues. http://www.votemusto.com/issues.htm I know that you have a easy 9,000 vote head-start automatically from Bridgeport, but No Issues?
Tony Silber May 17, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Mark, you don't get to decide whether I was elected or not. That's number one. No one died and left you in charge of deciding the rules of democracy. Second, you've been on this business about my margin in the 2009 election for a long time now, and I've shown you to be wrong in the past. That said, I suggest you show Commissioner Rich Deecken the slightest amount of respect by spelling his name correctly. I personally have a lot of respect for Rich and work well with him. As you know, Mark, placement on the ballot has a lot to do with how candidates fare, especially people down on the ballot like Rich and me. In most cases, the top of the ticket drives the margin in races like mine. Also, you're wrong about me taking any opportunity to attack Tim Herbst. We've been working closely on the Master Plan, and as a Democrat on the P+Z, I'm glad to have his participation. You wouldn't know that, of course, because you're about throwing grenades, not serving Trumbull. As I said, I was trying to look out for the people who live near the school site. You didn't answer my question. Wouldn't you also try to help the people who live nearby, and if not, why not? In the end, Mark, I'll put my contributions to the Town of Trumbull up against yours any day. Your tenure as a public servant was marked by a nasty temper, an erratic disposition, and terrible strategic choices as chairman of the BOF.
Doug Sutherland June 06, 2012 at 04:43 AM
If anyone is interested, the Fairchild-Wheeler Multi-Magnet School Topping-Out Ceremony will be held on Wednesday at 11:00 AM on Quarry Road in Trumbull. This commemorates the raising of the top-most beam on the building. They usually place a tree or branch on the top beam. This is an exciting milestone in the construction of what will be a magnificent addition to the educational options for our area students. Too bad it is no long in Trumbull and too bad we lost 100 seats at this school for our Trumbull students, but nonetheless, we should all celebrate the progress of this important project for the Bridgeport region.


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