Campaign Notebook: Shays, McMahon spar over submarine co.

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Keeping government spending in check seems to be a goal of the candidates for Senate, but where they all find agreement is keeping the submarine base in Groton open. Despite the similar opinions, the Electric Boat base, which the federal government funnels billions of dollars into, is now a political issue. The Associated Press details a spat between Republicans Linda McMahon and Chris Shays regarding the base.

Fourth District

Jim Himes (D) wants since loan rates could soon double. "That's an average increase of $1,000-per-year in what it means to service those loans," Himes said at a press conference. "Not only do you face the uncertainty of getting a job, you're also going to owe more."

Steve Obsitnik (R): The candidate recently met with representatives from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations in Hartford. The federation of unions is the largest in the United States. 

MAC June 27, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Himes must be defeated! It was his party that assured that the current low rates on the student loans (which of course are subsidized by the taxpayers) would EXPIRE in time to make it an election issue. Every decision regarding legislation, to the DEMS, is couched in political terms of benefits to their re-elections, rather than what is right, or best for the nation as a whole. Sadly, there are many RINO career politicians for whom this is also often true. But the Democrat party is no longer that of the common man, but that of BIG intrusive government, interfering with the free enterprise basis of our nation as well as individual Liberties! If you want our nation back on the road to Prosperity, then you won't vote for any Democrat running for congress from CT! Their party decides on legislation based on picking winners and losers--the winners of course being their political base, the TAKERS, and biggest campaign donors (which include unions, banks and Wall ST).


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