Campaign Notebook: Murphy, McMahon Reflect on September 11

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


Both Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy send out scathing press releases and statements at a regular clip.  However on Sept. 11, both campaigns took a moment to reflect on Sept. 11 by issuing statements about the 11th anniversary of the attacks. 

Murphy said:

Eleven years ago, we were confronted by the most horrific act of violence our country has ever experienced. Though that day will live in infamy, the response of the American people, in the days, weeks, and years following, represents the best of the American spirit. Family, friends, neighbors, and strangers came together in a time of uncertainty to lift each other up, stand against hatred and show the strength and resilience of our nation's character.

Despite the years that have passed, September 11th is forever etched in our memories. Just like so many Connecticut residents, I lost friends that day, and we will never forget those that perished. And to the men and women who risked their lives that earth-shattering day, we are forever indebted to you.

McMahon said:

Today we remember the day that forever changed our nation – a day that claimed thousands of lives, tore at our soul, and united us as Americans.

My thoughts today are particularly with the many families in Connecticut who lost loved ones eleven years ago today. For them, the nation’s tragedy bears a personal scar, one that the passage of time will never erase.

I also extend my sincerest gratitude to the firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders who ran toward the towers while everyone else was running from them. Their heroism and sacrifices are an inspiration.

This somber anniversary is a reminder of why we must make sure our nation’s defenses remain strong. We are proud to have the best military in the world, and we must make sure the men and women who serve our country have the tools necessary to both deter future attacks and to respond decisively to those who seek to do us harm.

Third District

Rosa DeLauro (D) and the rest of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation celebrated Military Service Academy Day this past weekend in Hartford.

Wayne Winsley (R) posted a remembrance of Sept. 11 on his personal blog.

All those among us who lost family that day - and during the necessary conflicts that followed - still grieve the deep personal loss.  Our hearts and our condolences are extended to every member of every family.

To those men and women who so courageously responded as events unfolded on that horrific day; and, to all of the men and women in uniform who have so honorably served our country as well as those in uniform who continue to serve our nation, please accept our sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for all you do to protect and defend us.

Fourth District

Jim Himes (D) looked back, in a statement, to Sept. 11, 2001 and remembered the mood in New York City after the terrorist attacks.

9/11 is still very much alive for me, as it is for you. I remember walking the streets of lower Manhattan feeling the anger, the confusion and the fear. But we are Americans, and we don't do fear very well, or for very long. So what I remember most about that day was the instinct that followed close on the heels of the fear: the instinct to help. We all felt it: my country, my people, my brothers and sisters have been attacked, what can I do to help? 

Steve Obsitnik (R) is getting ready for the fast-approaching election. The candidate announced four new volunteer centers in Monroe, Ridgefield, Westport and Fairfield. The exact locations can be found on

Fifth District

The Register Citizen breaks down the ways that Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback differ – and agree – on various issues. There are several similarities between the candidates based on their record as legislators in Hartford.


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