Ciocci: Proposed Magnet School 'Bad' for Trumbull

by Chadwick Ciocci

Trumbull’s Town Council will soon vote on an inter-municipal agreement for Bridgeport to build a new high school within our town. I have spoken out against this proposal on a number of occasions and for myriad reasons, but I would like to raise two issues which have not been given due attention. 

The school is to be built in Trumbull, specifically a residential neighborhood near Quarry Road. This neighborhood has over 100 homes and families who love, respect and cherish their surroundings. They are proud to be Trumbull residents and proud to live where they do, and for good reason. 

Unfortunately this neighborhood already deals with the ramifications of being so close to Bridgeport, and as a result of its location, Trumbull officials have on numerous occasions proposed to dump unwanted projects in the area.

The UI substation comes to mind as the most recent historical example.  Somehow it is acceptable to undermine one neighborhood near Quarry Road but not Nichols or other parts of town. And now Bridgeport is practicing the same tactics that past Trumbull elected officials have: pick on the little guy.  

Currently our town is having conversations about not only building a Bridgeport high school in the neighborhood but potentially a sewer treatment facility as well. It is high time that Trumbull stopped treating certain neighborhoods differently than other neighborhoods. We all live in Trumbull and should be treated equally as such. 

While I do not believe that municipal governments should actively try to increase property values by their decisions or indecisions, it is even worse policy to actively undermine the quality and property values of a neighborhood by building unwanted and unneeded non-residential structures in residential neighborhoods.

If we want homeowners and developers to invest in the neighborhood in question, and as a result increase the quality of life, these same people must be assured that our local government will do everything it can, on a long-term basis, to ensure that their neighborhood will be protected against intrusive non-residential construction.

It does homeowners and others who might improve the area no good- and it does Trumbull no good- to live with the fear that if they do invest in their property, that a year or two down the line, there is sure to be another proposal that might negate everything they have improved.  

On a related note, I urge everyone who is enticed by the idea that some Trumbull students will be able to attend this school to think twice. It strikes me that if this school is built that we will have sacrificed a neighborhood in the name of giving a handful of Trumbull students an inadequate education when they could receive a more than reputable one at our own high school.

Remember, regardless of the fact that this school will be located in Trumbull, students will be receiving a Bridgeport education. Parents, would you send your child to any of Bridgeport’s other high schools? Of course not! That this school will be new and beautiful does not negate the fact that it will be run by Bridgeport’s failed board of education. 

This high school is bad for its Trumbull neighborhood, bad for Trumbull students and just plain bad for Trumbull. 


Chadwick Ciocci

[Republican] Majority Leader

Town Council

SoccerMom April 05, 2011 at 01:26 PM
Excellent point. The "town" is built up enough.
SoccerMom April 05, 2011 at 01:28 PM
So now you want my taxes to educate another city's kids? How about you bang on the door of those who represent Bridgeport and put the owness on them? I moved here and pay a decent size tax bill to support Trumbull. My state and federal taxes are already support Bridgeport and Hartford.
SoccerMom April 05, 2011 at 01:30 PM
Bingo. Watch Waiting for Superman or the Lottery - look at the faces of the kids who don't make it into the fancy magnet or charter schools. How about we focus on increasing graduation rates for all Bridgeport high schools instead of a handful of kids who "win" a position in another school.
Charley Pitcher April 05, 2011 at 03:02 PM
To Soccermom, please be advised that in no way did i take any side pro or con. My issue is with the way Chad spoke about the situation. As Majority Leader of the town of Trumbull, it makes us look "BAD" as a whole. He could and should have choosen a better way to say what was on his mind. I am now starting to look into the situation for myself to get all of the facts. I know no one wants this in their back yard. But just like that UI substation that was built on Wildflower Ln or French Town School located on French Town Road. It's going to happen. Now is not the time to worry about what should be, it's the time to work on how it can be the best case for the neighbors that are involved. I would set up a meeting with TR Rowe of the 123rd and Sen. Musto and Councilman Robert Curwen of Bridgeport because his dist backs up to Trubulls dist 7 It's called "Damage Controll". Ive seen it all before, people get involved to little, to late. Get involved NOW!....The power in numbers is strong....and here is a little hint....it's Election Year...
Tony Scinto April 05, 2011 at 03:42 PM
Charley, Glad to see your back, but in regards to the folks sounding the school, I have all ready forwarded there concerns, and I have been working with them for over 1 year. Also, I have already Worked with T.R. And if anyone was any questions please feel free to call me or e-mail me mtscinto@aol.com Thanks Tony Scinto Town Council District 7


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