David Rutigliano Appointed to the 'Competitive Alcoholic Liquor Pricing Task Force'

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Trumbull Restauranteur Appointed

Pursuant to the Provisions in Public Act 12-17* (relevant text below) House Minority Leader Rep Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. has appointed David Rutigliano to the Competitive Alcoholic Liquor Pricing Task force.

Term is effective immediately.

In the letter from Representative Cafero, he wished David well and thanked him for his willingness to serve on this most important post. He hoped that David would find the position challenging and satisfying and expressed confidence in Mr. Rutigliano’s talents and expertise as he will be of great value to our state and its citizens.

As chair of the Connecticut Restaurant Associations Legislative and Government Relations, David was actively involved in protecting small business and jobs during this session’s debate on updating Connecticut liquor laws, opposing many anti small business and job killing provisions in the first draft of the original bill. As a result this task force was formed to take a thoughtful inclusive approach to updating Connecticut law.

Mr. Rutigliano stated, “I am proud to serve any way I can. My hope is that we obtain a balanced approach in solving this issue, improving prices for Connecticut consumers while making us more competitive with surrounding states”

David is an owner of the SBC Restaurant and Brewery which operates 5 brew pub restaurants and the Sitting Duck Tavern in the state of Connecticut. He is also an elected member of Trumbull’s Board of Finance and the endorsed candidate for Trumbull’s 123rd District.

Any further info contact Cindy Penkoff - 203-915-1057 or Cindy@daver123.com

*Sec. 14. (Effective from passage) (a) There is established a Competitive Alcoholic Liquor Pricing task force. The task force shall examine, review, analyze and compare and contrast with surrounding states, Connecticut alcoholic liquor taxes, alcoholic liquor quantity and volume discounts, existing alcoholic liquor permit restrictions and alcoholic liquor minimum pricing and price posting in the state and the impacts, both positive and negative, of such issues on consumers and the alcoholic liquor industry in the state.

louis June 09, 2012 at 07:53 PM
I'm glad to see 'tigliano get something, since he will not be elected to the legislature, at least he will remain active. And yes, his restaurant named Sitting Duck is rather an appropriate name
louis June 10, 2012 at 03:24 PM
wait on, did you say Price Fixing? In other words, the legislature and Rut' recognized that there was a potentially adverse impact to the overturning of 400 years of legislative history. As a restuarant owner, he must've recognized that a percentage of his business and those of his competitors stems from the fact that alcohol wasn't allowed to be sold on Sundays. This cuts into the profits of restauranteurs around the state and is harmful to mom and pop liquor stores now forced to be open. As chair of the CRA he worked in the opposite of the interests of the people whom he was working for. Geez, haven't you guys ever heard of the interstate commerce clause? C'mon Governor Dan, you were a former prosecutor, tell these guys what happens when you even appear to mess with the Interstate Commerce Clause. So, unless we become like New Hampshire, the Granite State, then I think the market forces need to allow itself to work.


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