Herbst: Work Together To Move Forward

This is the first of two articles about the inauguration address by the recently re-elected First Selectman Tim Herbst.

For his third inaugural address, First Selectman Timothy Herbst welcomed the newcomers and had one question for the pros and the first-termers.

"Here is the question I pose tonight to the elected officials and in both parties seated behind me tonight: Will we govern together or will we govern separately?" he said, after he was sworn in by his sister, Amanda Herbst, who recently passed the Bar Exam. Tim Herbst is also an attorney.

The inaugural ceremony was held in the Trumbull High School auditorium.

Trumbull's political landscape has changed since 2009 when Herbst was first elected. Since then, the Town Council was decreased by Charter change to four districts from seven, and fewer democrats have won seats on the council. In November, all 17 republicans won seats, putting four democrats on the council by the town's minority representation policy.

But Herbst admitted voting for some of the democrats who lost their seats.

The question remains, how will the council run with a 17-4 majority? Herbst urged the newly-sworn elected officials to avoid party politics.

"With the partisan rancor in Washington and the lack of compromise in Hartford, I believe we have a moral obligation to govern together. At a time when so many people have lost faith in their federal and state government, let us lead by example every day in showing that our local government is responsible, strong and working for a better Trumbull," Herbst said.

Herbst, a former Trumbull High School Football player and son of Athletic Director Michael Herbst, compared the effort to moving the ball down the field.

"You get the first downs by honoring your commitments and you score the touchdowns by turning your commitments into results," he said. "And so tonight, I am asking all of our elected officials, republican and democrat alike, to help me move the chains down the field, by embracing the fundamental principles of clarity, confirmation, communication and commitment as we work as one team on behalf of the people of Trumbull."

The people of Trumbull make it special, he added. "We step forward to help other people in times of need. In the face of adversity, we rise to the challenge. ... And because we are so strong, I know we are ready for the work ahead. Everyone here tonight is a stakeholder. Every person seated on this stage is a decision maker," Herbst said.

In addition to beginning Herbst's third two-year term, the evening marked Michael Herbst's 61st birthday.

Coming Next: Herbst: "We must build upon our accomplishments."


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